Closing the moomincabin on the Labor Day weekend…

The Mackinac Bridge has opened up to walkers on Labor Day for more years than I am strong enough to count. I have never walked the bridge. Not sure I will ever do it, given the logistics that are involved. Many times I have driven down across the Mac on Labor Day. Today I could not do that. The bridge was closed to automotive traffic, except for the buses that transport walkers across the bridge. I’m not sure how all of that worked out but I decided to stay here at the moomincabin and drive down tomorrow.

I worked all morning to clean and pre-pack stuff so that we could clean up and close the moomincabin tomorrow. At the end of the day, here are a few photos. For one thing, it was a good thing that we pulled the Motor Bote out of the water yesterday because we could not have done it today.

After a long session of cleaning and organizing and packing, etc., I decamped to the beach to sit on the bank and here are some softy friends joining me on Bill’s Beach Bank Bench.

And a close-up for Mouse.

I wish it could’ve been warmer on the beach today but it wasn’t but that is okay. It is what it is. The wind seemed to shift to the north and we pretty quickly headed up to the moomincabin. We cooked some chicken on the grill and our buddy C*Q*L came over to visit and show us some of her school supplies.

We will miss this beach urchin greatly, along with her older siblings (triplets who are high school seniors this year) and mom and grandparents.

One Response to “Closing the moomincabin on the Labor Day weekend…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It seems like this summer has rushed by or is it just time in general? sigh