Can somebody else write this thing for me today? Any volunteers?

What a day! It began at that Batscope Hour when I woke up and realized my throat was maaaaaybeeee a wee bit scratchy. Was I getting the GG’s Man Cold? Hmmm… I was generally okay, in fact, I was very comfortable. I was sleeping on the couch in my sleeping bag and I was warm enough and it was very dark out. I raised my head to get a sip of water and saw the lights of a freighter out in the shipping lane. Was I ambitious enough to check Marine Traffic to find out what it was? No I was not. Back to sleep.

I finally dragged myself out of bed around 7 AM and I was just out of the shower when I heard Cap’n *Queen* Leila’s voice in the kitchen. It was her first day of school and I kind of miss those days so it was great to revisit my early motherhood via a hug from our vivacious little cousin. A little later, as I drove by the Brimiley (intentionally misspelled) Schools, I made sure to obey the 25 mph school speed limit and make my own little silent salute to C*Q*L and her sibs.

Anyway, whatever I do to prepare the moomincabin for closing at the end of the summer, it always seems to be a big mad scramble. What doesn’t look like a lot of food to pack seems to use interminable numbers of bags. And then there are cleaning products and shampoo and stuff like that. I use that stuff at home so why not take it home. And breakfast. The GG suggested oatmeal (from one of those flavored packets). I don’t like that stuff all that well, so I was grumpy and we ended up with a very small egg brek. Which I couldn’t really eat and then had to clean up after. Oatmeal would’ve been just fine. Note to self.

There was quite a bit of the usual amount of the GG and I tripping over each other. Some folks think more hands might lighten the load when closing the cabin but I find that the smaller the number the easier. The GG has his tasks and I have mine. DISCLAIMER! That’s not that I do not welcome help from the beach urchins! I love having them there no matter what’s going on and we can always make things work!

I jammed everything I was taking back down to the Planet Ann Arbor into the Ninja and very reluctantly blew a master salute on my way out of the parking lot, even though I suspect the GG was the only person around to hear it. I did not stop for approximately 250 miles, to get gas. Alas, the restroom was closed for cleaning so I had to continue a few miles southward to hit up the Tornado Rest Area. Home and all kinds of jumping around to put stuff away and start laundry, etc., check in with work, and hoof it over to the Plum for OJ and a few other things. You would think with all the food I schlepped home, I wouldn’t have to do that but somehow it doesn’t work out that way. Of course there’s only me to feed today and I don’t seem to have a huge appetite.

And then I kind of crashed and burned. I had planned to get back online and tinker away with some work stuff. I did some *thinking* but didn’t get a lot of concrete work done. Do I have the Man Cold? I think so. I hope my fever (I think I have one) remains very low-grade. My colds are USUALLY milder than the GG’s, at least during the acute phase. I do tend to get a lingering cough that makes me sound like I am dying even though I am bouncing around energetically and breathing freely.

After all, I guess I had a lot to say. Love y’all, KW.

4 Responses to “Can somebody else write this thing for me today? Any volunteers?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Hoping the gremlies move on soon…perhaps overnight?

  2. Margaret Says:

    A man cold is always more serious. 😉 Hope you recover from it quickly. I love eggs for breakfast, but they make for a tough clean up.

  3. UU Says:

    Good post. You need a like button

  4. jane Says:

    I couldn’t believe how tired I was the day after driving down. Hope you bounce back more quickly.