Working from utopia

I always hate colds that include a fever but this one did. I didn’t get sweaty and chilled like the GG did when he had that phase of the cold but I had a very low-grade fever throughout the night and was dragging *ss this morning. I did not get out of bed until 7:30 AM and did not feel like getting dressed. For me, that means that I took a shower and put on comfortable clothing. I was completely covered from head to toe but was not wearing undergarments of any sort. Why bother? And hope that’s not TMI!

So I made the executive decision to work from home today. I met with my boss and co-worker this morning from home. I didn’t mute my phone since it was only three of us so I was surprised that my boss heard the jazz playing from the radio in the chitchen. I asked if she wanted me to turn it off but noooo. And then some birds were chirping outside the front window. I hadn’t really noticed them but they were audible over the phone. My boss said it sounded like I was in utopia. It was definitely a beautiful day. I muted my phone whenever I needed to blow by dose.

My appetite is still not very enthusiastic so I *drove* over to the Plum Market around noon to get some chicken soup and a few samosas because they looked like something I might want to eat later and I did eat one. I was thinking about chicken soup yesterday and remembering the days that cup-a-soup was a staple on my grocery list. The last times I *drove* to the Plum Market were xmas and New Years Eve last year, only because I didn’t have time to walk.

It is not all that warm here – 60s – but I needed to sit out in the back yard for a bit this evening so I put a turtleneck sweater on under my polar tech jacket and I have tights and Smartwool socks on. I am pretty warm and I don’t think I have a fever any more.

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