Back up to 10,000 steps

It would be more like 15,000 if I had walked at 0-skunk-30 this morning but I did not. I was feeling better but allowed myself to lie about until 7AM. Tuesday, even though I spent a good portion of the day driving and did NOT start the day with a Beach Walk, I ended up with 9,995. 9,995! I mean, all I needed to do was walk to the bathroom or something to get over 10,000. If I had known I was that close, you know I’d’ve walked the extra five steps. Jeebus. Yesterday? 3,156. Okay. I was Under the Weather, what can I say? (Yes, I am OCD about certain things. You’re welcome.)

So, annoying things about today? We won’t talk about traffic because it didn’t actually affect me all that much but… A meeting where everyone seemingly talked at once, people panicked about things that have not changed in a gazillion years until I re-explained them (again), people talked OVER ME echoing things I had JUST SAID (I particularly hate that), people who were all at a meeting last week seemingly FORGOT what we talked about at that meeting so we had to reinvent the wheel. Hey, my co-workers are the best and this stuff happens all the time and I am used to it and it is not as contentious as it sounds but I was still hanging out in Man Cold territory and I just wanted us to be direct about getting through all of this stuff. At one point, I interjected “HELLO?” and we got back on track.

Good things about today? Our Sweet Building Mom skyped me to ask if it was me who was coughing. Yes, and I skipped over to her desk. She had found some Zicam(?) in her office leftover from a previous occupant. I don’t take OTC cold/cough crap so I very politely declined it. Because I AM fine today. I am coughing and blowing by doze but I know that this is just my body getting rid of the crappy old Man Cold virus. Something like that anyway.

Oh yeah, and then I got home and did a bunch of jumping around with laundry and other chores and suited up to sit in the back yard. (I don’t have a turtleneck sweater on tonight under my polar tech jacket, just a tie-dyed t-shirt. I’m not sure that’s because it’s warmer out tonight because I don’t think it is. I think it’s because I have kicked the Man Cold Fever outta town.) ANYWAY! I found three windfall apples that Henry (rabbit and relations) and Donald (squirrel and relations) have NOT munched on. Those will be in my bag lunches for a few days and maybe I’ll get some more this weekend.

Oh and then there was the weird. The GG recently texted from the yooperland that he was in Newberry and it wasn’t a “goid time to talk” (goid = good, of course). A more appropriate text would have been, “In Newberry, dinner with friends, service is spotty”. Because the last time he texted anything about Newberry from the yooperland was a couple years ago when he was deciding between driving himself (I knoooooooowwww) to the hospital in Newberry or Sault Ste. Siberia. In the end, he chose Siberia and that’s where he had a “surprise” appendectomy. Siberia was a good choice, mostly because I am familiar with the town and hospital, not to dis the Newberry hospital, which I know nothing about. Anyway, tonight I was thinking the worst, that he or one of our friends was at the ER in Newberry so “not a goid time to talk”? The hell? I called immediately. It turned out that he was with our North Country Trail friends in a *restaurant* in Newberry and everyone was fine but the internet service was spotty. Okay. He can be the King of Cryptic Text Messages if he wants but he better dern well be straight with meeeeee. Jeebus.

One Response to “Back up to 10,000 steps”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s funny how we can misread or misinterpret the written word. I am terrible about doing that. I make my own story out of innocuous texts. I don’t miss that aspect of work at all, although I do miss a lot about my job.