NSFW Football Saturday (don’t scroll down too far if you are squeamish about p*nis shaped confetti)

Okay, so jumped around for close to five hours this morning, walking down to the farmers market, processing veggies from the market, running rooooomba (okay, I don’t have to work very hard for that), laundry, and I fergit what else. No coughing. Fiiiiinnaaaaalllly, at 11:something AM, I took my phone out to sit in the back yard and relax a bit and immediately started hacking up a lung! Jeebus!

It’s Saturday and I was thinking we would do the usual thing of walking down to the Griz for lunch but then I looked at the GG and I had to ask, “Are you feeling all right?” Well, not really. Oh, don’t worry, he is okay, just hanging out on the fringes of the Man Cold. Probably battling Bucky Beaver this week was not the best idea but I know that it was also fun for him so I can’t really complain. We dithered and dathered a bit but in the end we *drove* down to the Griz. It was packed of course (football Saturday) and we couldn’t find a place at Jenel’s bar so we started to head over to the other bar when someone yelled “Kayak Woman”. It was Jenel and she was rapidly setting up bar stools for us at the end of the bar next to our sorta new friend, who I will call cNiles until I think of something better.

I dunno what was going on in football at the moment but the guy in the crusty old camouflage hat is the GG looking up at the TV.

Apparently some early tailgater (or whoever) thought it would be funny to sprinkle one of the outdoor tables at the Griz with p*nis confetti, so here is our fave bartender with her own special p*nis that she collected. The GG texted this pic to me (at my request) but didn’t feel it appropriate to also include his daughters on the text. I am glad that there are some American males who are at least capable of thinking about whether to text pictures of male genitalia to, well, anyone. I mean, who wants to look at that stuff. I do not! But this being a flat, plastic version, I am going to post it here and I also sent it to my daughters.

The GG dropped me off at the Maple/Dexter intersection so I could hit up the Plum Market for a few more supplies. On my way home, I spied a lovely little green glass vase at a garage sale. I almost *never* stop at garage sales but I collect colored glass vases and things on a VERY small scale and this one was calling my name. I didn’t realize WHY it was calling my name until I went up to pay for it and RECOGNIZED the woman of the house. I was thinking she must be an old Haisley parent but she said, “No, you know me from YAG!” Oh my god, yes, I did. I didn’t recognize her as a neighbor because she wasn’t a neighbor until a few years ago. I remember once thinking they were “those parents” (we had a lot of “those parents” in YAG) but I also liked them, and then one day this mom said something like, “We are *those* parents” and I tried hard to keep from cracking up. Anyway I bought the little green glass vase (for $1.00 although I’d’ve paid more) and will add it to my small collection. It comes with a story. I still need a piece or two of aubergine glass. I saw a beautiful aubergine bowl at Treasure Mart a few years ago but I balked at the price ($55) and was on foot with only a backpack to schlep it home (yes, I probably could’ve paid for it and brought a car back down to collect it). Eventually I will find an appropriate aubergine piece and I will NOT balk at a $55 price (but probably would at $200).

And then there is Real Donald Trump Squirrel. So, The Donalds that occupy my back yard this year seem to be in a black color phase. The original Donald is as white as can be, serving martinis to an unseen guest. As I write this, using the words “black”, “white”, and “Donald”, I realize that it might sound like I am echoing bits and pieces of our EXTREMELY complex current political environment. Please be assured that the inclusion of “Trump” in this paragraph is intended to be humorous. And I wish we could interact with others without thinking of their skin color but we do not seem to have arrived at that point yet. Anyway, we currently seem to have a higher number of black squirrels on The Planet Ann Arbor than usual for whatever reason. I bought the Donald squirrel pic a number of years ago (on Etsy) during a time period when the GG was trying to feed birds but ended up battling squirrels and chipmunks. A family fave GG quote from that period: “I can see them coming from blocks away”. Chipmunks, that is.

One Response to “NSFW Football Saturday (don’t scroll down too far if you are squeamish about p*nis shaped confetti)

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the penis confetti, although I wouldn’t necessarily have pegged it as such, just looking at it. 🙂 Lovely vase! I’m sure you know that aubergine means eggplant in French. I’m having a boring, and sort of depressing Saturday. But I do have a couple of books to read and there is always the cat to annoy.