Man Laundry

When a maaaaaan does his laundry🎶 This is merely the preliminary step, where he rinses out the caked-on mud obtained during his recent battles with Bucky Beaver.

Seriously, the GG is well capable of doing his own laundry although here at the Landfill it is a chore that I usually handle happily enough. I am a washerwoman and he takes care of the automotive vee-hickles, etc. But he started doing his own laundry at about the age of 10. When you are right smack in the middle of 10 children, if you want your laundry to 1) get done and 2) get returned to *you* and not some other sibling, you do it yourself. I saw the Woodsboro laundry room when I first started hanging around with the GG and I understand. Somehow the beach urchins also began doing their own laundry at an early age, even though there are only two of them and laundry is USUALLY relatively well organized here at the Landfill, last week notwithstanding.

Today… What do we do for lunch? We had a hard time deciding. The Man Cold symptoms included appetite weirdness that still lingers a bit. So… Do we get salads at the Plum Market and eat at home? Or do we head out to a brewpub? Hmmmm, which pub? They are all good. Not the Griz, that’s a Saturday thing. Wolverine? Great place but doesn’t have whine (yet) and I didn’t feel like beer, even though their beer is wonderful. HOMES? The food is wonderful but it has an Asian bent and we weren’t quite in the mood for that today. I was in the mood for the Session Room’s sliders but with a Lions game, we knew it would be filled with noisy football fans and we weren’t in the mood for that. Better on a quieter day. Casey’s Tavern is closed Sundays. We almost did the Blue Tractor (sliders and fun bartenders) but in the end we came full circle and went with Plum Market salads in the back yard where I don’t think it ever got to the promised 70 degrees but oh well.

So now the beach urchins are here for Man Chicken on the grill and I am about done. I’m not going to talk about the hurricane. Almost everybody has relatives in Florida. We are watching and waiting and that is all we can do. And just now the GG reports that Irma has been downgraded.

One Response to “Man Laundry”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad for the downgrade of the hurricane. Hope it doesn’t destroy too much. I wish I had had more experience with laundry before I went away to college. You can’t believe how many clothes I destroyed.