Alas, in my memory this photo was nowhere near this blurry. It is a recursive photo of my blahg showing our two brand new iPhones with the photo on the blahg showing the two new iPhones and on and on ad infinitum. Obviously it was carefully set up and taken via a “real” camera. Why is it so blurry? I do not know. Did I accidentally get rid of a better version of it. I wish I knew. Anyway, this was the dawn of the iPhone era for us, a few weeks more than 10 years ago today.

We bit the bullet and picked these things up on a Sunday afternoon in a pouring rainstorm. The next day, again in a pouring rainstorm, I picked up UKW at Metro and we headed up to the Great White North. Was that the time we were talking so much I missed my turn at US23 and we ended up in Lansing? I can’t remember.

This was the first photo my newfangled iPhone took. It was an accidental photo taken by MMCB at Barry Bagels where we met for coffee that morning. I kept that photo as my main screen photo for a really long time until one of the beach urchins unknowingly changed it.

We still had dial-up internet at the moomincabin in those days and I remember being totally flabbergasted that I had enough service via my new iPhone (the Edge) to post something somewhere. Twitter? I don’t remember. And then on a Yarn Store Boondoggle to the northern lower, we posted (probably Twitter) that we were crossing the Mackinac Bridge. We took the photo below but couldn’t post it because the technology wasn’t quite there yet. I remember Mouse trying and saying that she needed to find a file to post a pic (like on a laptop). Amazing how phone technology has evolved since then…

Here are UKW, Radical Betty, and Mouse on the beach. When I got that first iPhone, somehow I was all into these slanted photos for a while. Not sure why. They were sorta cool and yet… I suppose I still do that from time to time.

We are on the 6S version of the iPhone these days and ours are two years old (I think). I *think* that is our fifth iPhone? Not sure. Are “we” hot to get the X? I dunno. The $1,000 price point gives me great pause. But we paid $600 each for our first iPhones and that was a pretty big leap too. I titled that original iPhone blahg post “An Irresponsible Purchase”. At any rate, my phone works well for now…

2 Responses to “X”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I have the 6s, too, and it seems like I JUST GOT IT! My 6s is working just fine, but it’s true that the new Shiny Thing is alluring.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I have a 7 and it’s plenty for me since it’s not even close to being paid off. 🙂