Irma dies a gentle death in southern Trollandia

According to my fave Mlive weatherman Irma accounted for the warm, gentle rains we had this morning. We do sometimes get touched by hurricanes, usually those that hit the Gulf of Mexico. We get maybe 1% at most (today 0%) of the damage anyone in the south have suffered. I love Florida and we have relatives down there and I am very happy that everyone is safe. It won’t be long before our weather will be forecasting snow and I will be wishing I could apparate down to Florida and back in the winter. It is a beautiful state.

Meanwhile, KW had a difficult night and most of the rest of this is intended to be HUMOROUS. So, I went to bed last night and slept well for quite some time but that Batscope Hour came around and I moved my leg wrong (I was sleeping next to a cement block and had NOOOOO space) and got a charley horse. Okay… Dealing with a charley horse in a kayak (or, uh, while giving birth (TMI?)) can be a challenge but I have been getting those since I was a little kid and I know that if you get one in the middle of the night, all you have to do is get outta bed and PUSH YOUR HEEL INTO THE FLOOR! It seems counter-intuitive but it works. So I did. And then I was awake enough that I felt like I needed to visit the Water Closet…

After the Water Closet Visit, I thought I would settle back down to sleep. Alas, the walk to the Water Closet and back (it is like 10 steps away, fer Kee-reist), resulted in a bunch of coughing that WOULD NOT END! There were some REM dreams in there. Shoreline dreams in which it was so golden out in the bay in front of the Moomincabin that I couldn’t figure where the GG was in the Motor Bote. And then when I wanted to schlep up to the cabin, there were 10-foot banks that I struggled to climb up. I finally got up there somehow and my moom and brother were in the cabin with me helping me find appropriate boxes to take my own record collections out of there (Pink Floyd, anyone?). This was a packing dream but it was kind of a positive packing dream.

So, I hacked up a lung most of the night and most of my workday today. I do not feel bad at all, except for the frickin’ coughing. When I got home this afternoon, I went to pull the mail outta the mailbox. My elbow did not hold (a whole lot of) weight. What the? It’ll be fine. I think I slept on it wrong last night.

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