double coffee and breakfast to go

8:00 AM: Coffee at Barry’s with MMCB2. Five minutes into our meeting, I alarmed everyone with a huge spasm of hacking up a lung. I realized it was because I was TALKING A BLUE STREAK! First I was yammering away about my Man Cold and then somebody said something about lawyers and if you know anything about my life for a good portion of the last five years, you KNOW that got me going big time. I managed to cough up the rest of my story and then I said, “Okay, now you guys talk and I will sit here and try to recover from that.” Jeebus. (Overall, today was a *much* better day in terms of coughing although I still have “tennis elbow” and a couple other annoying muscle aches.)

9:00 AM: Breakfast (and more coffee) at Nick’s Original House of Pancakes with my work team, sponsored by Amazon Woman. I knew exactly (I thought) where Nick’s was and I could see it but somehow I still had to go through the Ann Arbor Saline/Waters intersection *three* times before I figured out how to get there. It was worth it and I think every single one of us ended up putting half of our food in a go box. GoGrannyGo ordered the “Fruit Explosion”, which was three large pancakes covered with fruit on a huge platter. Yes, half of that came back to the office and we were still talking about it at the end of the day. I ordered something a bit more pedestrian but it was still enough food that I never got around to eating my packed lunch, so I will have leftover breakfast tomorrow morning and today’s lunch for lunch (it’s okay, I stashed it all in the mini-fridge in the empty cube next to mine).

I am feeling both better and totally beat up right now, if that makes any sense. I am about done. Yeah, that’s our shed in the pic there. It is so clean! We are gearing up to figure out how to get rid of that one and put up a new one. We have differing ideas about how to go about that. I vote to hire an architect to help create something small, cheap, and beautiful. The GG is more in a DIY mode. Of course he will win that “battle”. What I do NOT want is another blasted TIN thing. And I would love to have some windows.

I slept well last night. Here’s to another of those kind of nights. G’night. -KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sleeping well is a victory, especially when on the tail end of a cold, and COUGH. I always get the cough when my cold is winding down. I prefer congestion to that! Patt loved building sheds and was good at it, but I was thankful that our current housing development only allowed one. Otherwise I would probably have at least three.