Is it okay that I wimped out on kayaking because it was pouring rain?

Because I did. It was our annual work river trip at Gallup Park and I have previously been an enthusiast, not to mention usually the first person to get down the river, well ahead of the others. Of course, I don’t take a cooler of beer with me in my kayak.

The last *two* (count ’em) years, the outing has been held on the Friday of our annual trip to Tahquamenon so I missed those two years. This year it was today, a Tuesday, and I don’t think we’re going to Tahquamenon this year, at least I am not. So no excuses. But. Rain? Meh. I huuuuuung around at our shelter at Gallup and that was okay but the acoustics were such that my ears were doing their usual Party Thing of picking up bits and pieces of the multiple conversations that surround me such that I don’t really understand *anything* anyone is saying. What *was* funny was that so many people were talking about all of the issues they were having with their teenage or 20-something kids. I just sat there and gnoffed to myself. 30 and almost-33? The worst problem I have is that I sometimes feel like I have to remind my kids that I am NOT goddamn 90, fer kee-reist! The funny thing is that I couldn’t participate in those kinds of conversations when they were teenagers or 20-somethings either because I didn’t have any serious issues with them then.

The rain stopped and eventually I took a walk. I walked through the Furstenberg Nature Area and then, as I was returning, I ran into Xenny. She had made a loop around the main area of the park and wanted to do another one, so I joined her for that. She has recovered from a serious illness that has left her arms too weak to paddle and I am sure that the fact that English is not her first language makes it even harder for her to process conversation during a party in an acoustically live room than it than it is for me.

So we had fun walking and talking and I got this cheep iPhone photo of the Gallup Park canoe sculpture, which has probably been instagrammed in all kinds of artistic ways many times before.

And then I got home early and I dunno why but the GG didn’t even ask me if I was carrying a pink slip. And I will leave you with this Rocketman YouTube video, which doesn’t have anything to do with kayaking but. I. Do. Not. Have. Any. Words… … …

One Response to “Is it okay that I wimped out on kayaking because it was pouring rain?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Does the Rocket Man video have anything to do with T…p? I am doing less and less in the rain these days. I have the gear to walk or run, but I wouldn’t go out on the water in it. (or hike a long distance)