A hot donut of fuzzy logic

First of all, I’m thinking I need to start sleeping in the Lyme Lounge or somewhere. I am accustomed to waking up at that Batscope Hour. In fact, for the most part, I think I get a better night’s sleep when I *do* wake up sometime during the night. But waking up to The Pensioner singing “La Marseille Marseillaise? Not so much. Was he sleep-singing? I do not know. Shaaaaaddddup! (Thanks, Margaret, for the spelling correction! Yes, the French national anthem 🐽)

His choice of song didn’t really surprise me that much. We sing “La Marseillaise” quite a bit around here. I’m sure we totally mangle the pronunciation and some of us are not always in tune. But really, in the middle of the night?

Of all things, we are in the middle of a Hot Donut right now, courtesy of Hurricane Maria. Hurricanes that hit further west (Texas, for instance) sometimes dump heavy rain on us, I wonder if there’s a name for that… Feeling sorry for the devastation left by Maria though. I’d take September snowstorms here in Trollandia over a Maria Hot Donut any day if that would save lives and property in Maria’s path.

And I have been using the term Fuzzy Logic for many years but it wasn’t until today that I knew anything about the man who coined the term, Lofti Zadeh, memorialized in the New Yorker (so you may hit a paywall if you follow the link). If only more of our politicians were intelligent and thoughtful enough to embrace Fuzzy Logic. The nuances of creating extremely complex systems (such as affordable health care or immigration policies) do not lend themselves to binary choices. Godspeed, Mr. Zadeh.

And then there’s this other kind of fuzz. Do we like it? I am not a fan. We had pre-retirement discussions about facial hair and appropriate attire. We’ve already done Underwear-in-the-Front-Yard. Fortunately a beach urchin was here to witness that incident and rat him out. Now there is facial hair. Whaddya think?

2 Responses to “A hot donut of fuzzy logic”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Do you mean La Marseillaise? (the French national anthem?) I wake up several times during the night, and am happy to be retired, so I don’t have to get up routinely at 5 a.m. (although I did sleep better when I was exhausted from that) Hmmm. I like facial hair, as long as it’s trimmed. Stubble is very scratchy though.

  2. Isa Says:

    Still laughing about your moonlight serenade today.