Traveling companions

What do you take on a plane trip? Do you take elephants? Four of them? I have been known to fly with Froggy before. I have to drug him beforehand so he doesn’t wreak havoc upon the other passengers. Oh, don’t worry, we’re not talking about meth or even pot. Londry detergent mixed with Listerine does the trick. And, as Mouse once discussed with her nursery school teacher about her Mouse, he isn’t real, he is just a toy.

These elephants traveled with Mouse to San Francisco along with a few other various prodjects. Before we left for Metro, she was sewing a button on to a new dress and cutting the thread with a tool that is not allowed on planes. I tried not to raise my eyebrows but it was okay, she left that tool in Daisy (her automotive vee-hickle, which is parked in my driveway for the duration). I was remembering when the GG flew to Fla shortly after 911 and they took his broker knife away. Why were you trying to take that on a plane? Duh.

I totally stole this pic from Mouse’s facebook. I didn’t even ask her. I doubt she cares. I’m sure she’s having a great time out there in California and isn’t (and *shouldn’t* be) thinking about what her baggy old moom is doing (which is sitting in the landfill backyard enjoying the late afternoon in beautiful hot weather).

Facebook is so weird sometimes. I kind of hate when friends “suggest” other friends. Sometimes it isn’t even a person I know, like it’s someone five or more years ahead of/behind me in school. Today it was a high school friend “suggesting” another high school friend. We were in the same grade and so I know her a bit but not very well (maybe wished to know her better but you know how high school can be if you are not part of the in-crowd). I am sure she is a great person. What to do? In the end, I sent her a friend request.

A while back, I woke up to a friend “acceptance” from someone I did not know and certainly didn’t knowingly friend. I am friends with one of his friends, a young woman connected to the CFam by a former marriage. But. I dunno, I must’ve accidentally clicked something. I am sure he is a great guy. I am just thinking maybe he doesn’t really want to be friends with meeeeeeee. Uncomfortable…

We won’t even talk about the spam direct message today. Something about god. I don’t know who sent it and I definitely “left the group”. On the other hand, one of my cousins direct messaged me last night to say he and his sister will be in town, can we get together. Yes! Yes! Yes!

P.S. I am once again listening to planes flying out of Metro but no one I know (that I know of) is on one.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Facebook is weird, and can be frustrating, but I love the connections. So, I put up with the dreck. I don’t request anyone as a friend anymore because I have too many friends to keep up with, but if someone requests me and I think it might be cool/interesting, I will accept. 🙂