A dumb person’s idea of a smart person

I saw that line (or something like it) on Twitter today (or was it yesterday) and I can’t remember who tweeted it so I googled it and of course, it is something that has been around for years and the source is arguable or maybe just plain unknown. To me, just because someone uses big words doesn’t mean they are smart (and this is not a subtweet, a lot of people use big words, even including some people I think are smart). Just because someone jumps into every conversation that occurs, doesn’t mean they are smart. If they don’t have something constructive to add to the convo, they should just shut up. I’m just irritated because throughout my adult life, I have been hearing people talk about how smart somebody else is and then when I meet that person, I am not so sure. Sorry, I am not articulating my thoughts very well. Smart? Dumb? Definitions? Multiple intelligences? Continuum?

It was an angsty kind of day for me with people traveling every which way and one out of cell service for a few days except for trips to Paradise. I am in a slow period at work, which didn’t help me focus. I enabled one trip this afternoon, which meant I needed to leave work early, like 2:00. I offered to get back on line later but Amazon Woman said, “Just leave and don’t worry about getting back on line.” I thanked her for that and said that it was likely that I wouldn’t be back on line today, despite my best intentions. We both gnoffed about that. I am so lucky to have this job and my current supervisor.

So now I am sitting in the Landfill backyard. The Ninja reported the temp as 91 on the way home from Metro today. It is not quite that hot now. I am on the shady side of the Landfill and it is comfortable except that the frickin’ moe-skee-toes are starting to come out. But look what I have!

So for the next hour or so I will be sitting here listening to the jets fly out from Metro heading to the left coast and wonder which one @mouseleen is on. With all of her elephants. I did this yesterday too. Different daughter. No elephants. Hmmmm, isn’t there a mug at Houghton Lake about no elephants or something?

One Response to “A dumb person’s idea of a smart person”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m one of those smart/dumb people. I am intelligent about many things, but as dumb as a brick about others. And I’m not sure that others who meet me think that I’m very bright. I can act like an extrovert, which definitely throws people off. 😉