Vintage and congratulations

Here is a vintage shot of Mouse, Liz, and Jess doing something on our big old PowerMac or whatever it was during the xmas season at The Landfill back in the day. I don’t remember exactly what year it was but I’m guessing by the big PowerMac computer they are using that it was around 1997 or 1998. Most probably 1998 because that’s the year that we bought our first digital camera, a Sony Mavica, which is what took the pic. That camera stored photos on floppy disks. Does anyone remember those?

It was 1996 when I first encountered Jess. Liz and I were over at the Middle Years Alternative office and there were Jess and her mom. We didn’t interact with them in any serious way that day but I remember thinking that Jess looked like someone who would be a good friend for Liz. I think they may have waved a shy little “hi” to each other but I don’t trust my memory on that.

Not more than a few weeks later, Liz and Jess were emailing and I/M-ing each other. That was back in the days of family email addresses and whatever and here the gals were doing I dunno what, maybe talking to some hot middle school boy with Mouse looking on. Ducking for cover here 🐽.

Liz and Jess remained the best of friends throughout the rest of middle school and then high school (they both got into our own Commie High) and then they went to Kalamazoo College together and *then*, after they graduated from college, they moved to San Francisco together. Liz moved back to SE Trollandia after six years (as planned) but she and Jess are still BFFs and visit each other frequently.

Today. Today. Today. Liz and Mouse (my beach urchins) are out in the San Francisco area at JESS and her new husband CHRIS’s wedding! Congratulations to Jess and Chris. 💜💜💜

3 Responses to “Vintage and congratulations”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Floppy disks, oh, yeah! I remember when saving to CDs was a big deal, and then DVDs. 🙂 I’m sure I had a powermac at one time too, back when all our computers, both at school and home, were Apple.

  2. Paulette Zych Attie Says:

    I still have my Sony Mavica. I loved that camera.

  3. isa Says: