Sublime cousin-y start to another beautiful day

Breakfast at Cafe Zola, the downtown one. I used to have coffee at Zola with a bunch of alternative middle school mooms waaaaay back in the day. As our kids got older, the group morphed and a lot of people moved on to jobs, etc. Nowadays, there are three of us left in the original group and we meet on Thursdays at Barry Bagels. As much as we loved Zola, Barry is easier for us, as it is over here on the west side (where the three of us live) and the parking is free, etc.

I haven’t been to Zola in quite a while but a couple of MacMu cousins were coming in from the Left Coast to visit their parents and they said, “let’s get together” and we settled on Monday (because we were at Hoton Lake for the weekend). Lunch or breakfast and where… I let that percolate for 24 hours or so and decided breakfast would work best for me and I thought of Zola. Is 8-ish okay with you? I asked the question with a bit of trepidation since they are not in their usual time zone and I am a notorious early riser. But they said it was okay and it would even provide practice for their ungodly early flight back tomorrow.

Oh my god. So much fun. My doppelganger and her older brother (they are both younger than me). I was two when my mom and I flew from our home in Sault Ste. Siberia down here to The Planet Ann Arbor to help with my doppelganger when she was born. I do not remember anything! Well, except that there were round windows on the airplane going down and square windows going back. We encountered each other many times over the years but didn’t ever get enough time to form the same kinds of relationships that I have with my Fin cousins and some of the other MacMus. But, y’know what? It doesn’t matter. From the first to the last hugs, we chattered away like, well, like crazy doesn’t really describe it. We are all from the same tribe and we are making up for lost time. Although I don’t really think we actually lost any time exactly. I always loved all my cousins whether I knew them well or not. (Well, sometimes Mac and Mike could be troublesome 🐸). Maybe the best way to think of it is we are having bonus time now.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Hard to see each other much when you live at a distance! I love breakfast out and it sounds like a wonderful visit!