I miss you but I don’t miss your Dad Jokes

This morning was difficult because the GG was scheduled to fly to Fla in the afternoon, which meant that I had to schlep him over to Metro at around 12:30 or so. I couldn’t figure out what to do with myself until then. Around 11 AM or so we were thinking about what if anything to do about lunch and I asked if he wanted me to walk over to the Plum and get some stuff. I usually walk over there alone but today he wanted to walk with me and I was okay with that. We both needed to kill some time.

We encountered this garage sale sign on the way home. I thought those big circular things were eyes or maybe toilet paper rolls. The GG thought they were something else. You can guess.

Finally it was time for me to drop him off at Metro and so I did that and he has made it to Fla safely and yes, I miss him. But I do not miss the Dad Jokes.

One Response to “I miss you but I don’t miss your Dad Jokes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Waiting for flights is tough. I thought they were eyes too. 😉