King of Cryptic Text Messages Fla Version and #dogzofinstagram #petzofababsurdo

The GG and I were texting a wee bit today and we agreed that all of the stuff going on in Fla today was too complicated for text messages. But. I had one question. It required a one-word answer. The answer was either “in” or “out”. Something like “Are you IN the garage or OUT of the garage?” (no one was in a garage, as far as I know but maybe you get the point). The answer I received was not either “in” or “out”. It was “NAK”. Uuuuuhhhhh. My work buddies nowadays get at least as much of a kick out of this stuff as my long-ago work buddies did when I would answer a phone call from the GG and give him instructions for cooking microwave popcorn for hungry young beach urchins, i.e., read the package.

Nevertheless, *I* persisted and I did get a comprehensible answer to my question and I will wait patiently for a real-time phone download at some point. Meanwhile, he texted me pics of some of my fave Florida pets 💜

And so here is Ed-n-Suz’s rescue dog Rose.

Here’s a loverly close-up. Up mah nose!

If I wanted to, I could find a pic of the GG asnore at Ed-n-Suz’s house a couple years ago after a morning hike in Robinson Preserve, an unfinished razberita beside him and Rose passed out behind his chair, no razberita for Rose. But I’ll spare you. Instead, here is brother John’s cute little doggie Junior.

Finally, I feel like this turtle has a name and I should remember it. He has lived in Ed-n-Suz’s backyard for several years now, ever since Ed rescued him from a certain death by lawnmower on the grounds near where Ed works.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You will have to explain the in or out to me. 🙂 I am dense.