Out of the Deeeeeeep Dark Scary Woods and Up Mah Leg

I was working in the lab late last night walking past the Deeeeep Dark Scary Woods at 0-skunk-30 this morning when I heard a noise! Something had emerged from the woods. It was pitch black where I was standing and after figuring out that there wasn’t a six-foot-five-inch vampire standing there sparkling dripping blood, I thought, “Dog? But where is the human?” And then I thought, “Skunk?” Except there had been a faint bell sound as the little beastie emerged and I don’t think most wild aminals wear collars with bells.

The little beastie edged over into the light from the streetlamp and who do you think it was? It was the same dastardly little Pointy-eared Mammal that barged into the Landfill not all that many weeks ago. It is extremely hard to get a pic of any aminal, tame or wild, when they are out on the prowl or whatever, so I didn’t get a really clear one (plus it was pitch black except for the streetlight) but as I took this one, Pointy Ears was climbing up my leg, which struck me as being absolutely hilarious for reasons I can’t articulate. MMCB2 was a bit more skeptical when I showed her the pic even though she is not aminal-phobic. MMCB1 IS aminal-phobic but she’s off jet-setting around somewhere this week so she was spared from seeing the pic.

And then, I am so good at the Quick Information Game if I do say so myself. The GG and his sister Liz actually took some time off and went to Coquina Beach today, which I think was fantastic. And then he called me with a question: Where was that place we ate with Ed and Susie in Fla last April? I couldn’t remember the name but I knew exactly where it was. So I searched for Cortez Blvd. on Google Maps on my phone and zoomed in on the east side of the bridge over the Inland Waterway and there was the Seafood Shack. He sounded a little tentative even though the Seafood Shack was in the EXACT place we ate and had a marina and everything, just like I remembered. So I went back through my photooooos and found THIS!

Never underestimate the powers of a systems analyst, especially one with lifelong database experience (I have 25 bobby pins and 10 pencils, etc. in my desk drawer, written on lined note-book paper). If she knows the answer, she knows the answer. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will say, “I don’t know” (this systems analyst with lifelong database experience says “I don’t know” A LOT!). If she doesn’t know the answer but thinks she can figger it out, she will tell you she’ll try to figger it out and get back to you. If she provides you with documentation (like I did for the Seafood Shack), she DEFINITELY knows the answer.

Did that all make sense? Probably not but whatever.

I’m glad you guys got to the beach today and I hope you have a nice dinner tonight wherever you end up.

One Response to “Out of the Deeeeeeep Dark Scary Woods and Up Mah Leg”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like to research things too! Hope they are having a good time together. Animal looks like a cat–is it?