E-lec-tro-cuuu-tion… da da dum… E-lec-tro-cu-u-shu-u-un

Yeah, sing it like Carly Simon sings Anticipation and probably best not to ask too many questions except that you might wanna wear some lucky-shuckial glubs if you are doing BASIC lucky-shuckial work (unplugging an appliance) in sketchy conditions. The GG was wearing grubs glubs and so, THANKFULLY, he returned home safely to us late last night after a difficult week down in Florida. It was hard enough to send our beloved Susie off at such short notice but there is another sibling down there and I guess that’s as far as I will go with that on my blahg.

I knew that the GG needed to catch up on rest today so I drove myself down to the farmers market and back today at 0-skunk-30. Usually I walk down and he picks me up in the Ninja. Today he didn’t wake up until at least an hour after I got home from the market. This was not jet lag. Florida is in the same time zone as we are. The GG was totally exhausted from dealing with family stuff.

After some discussion, we ended up walking down to the Griz for lunch. I was willing to drive down there but, in the end, we walked and I think that was a great thing to do. The GG showed me many photos from Fla during our lunch and then we grabbed Bus 31 out to our neighborhood and went to the Plum Market. And then the GG took another nap. He needed it.

There were so many bees around these flowers that we encountered on our walk downtown for lunch. I grew up being terrified by stinging insects, kind of like how I was scared of overflowing terlets. My parents got freaked out about both and projected their fears onto me. I have been stung by a few insects as an adult but I wasn’t afraid of these bees at all. They were BUSY and not paying any attention to us. As for terlets? After hanging out with the cFam for a pretty darn long time, I am pretty dern good about dealing with overflowing terlets.

I looked at a LOT of Florida pics today during lunch. I did not look at the terlet pic.

Love y’all, KW!

3 Responses to “E-lec-tro-cuuu-tion… da da dum… E-lec-tro-cu-u-shu-u-un”

  1. Sam Says:

    Glad he’s back safely; more napping tomorrow, perhaps?

  2. Elizabeth Carter Says:

    Bill was absolutely Magnificient in FL. Ive never seen anyone with such organizational skills and execution of tasks. He accomplished much. You shoulda seen it, I am proud of his enthusiasm spellchek. He deserves a reward and an Award. I LOVE Bill. His sister, Elizabeth Carter. Hi Anne love you too.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Family stuff can be tiring and stressful. Glad he is back and getting some rest and relaxation!