I needed a *few* (really) things from the Plum when I got home from work today but I also had umpteen billion chores to do and walking over to the Plum, as nice and head-clearing as it can be, was not gonna work for me today, so I asked the GG to pick up three things. I thought I was being Super Awesome by making a list on my current list app and texting him a pic. Alas, the text message pic didn’t show the first (and most important) item (1 lemon). I talked to him at some length about exactly which olives to buy (olive bar, pitted kalamata, medium-sized container, the ones I always buy yada yada yada). We may have touched on tomatoes but I did not talk to him to make sure he knew about the lemon. It turned out that the text message pic was only a partial pic and it showed tomatoes and olives but you had to *open* it to see that *lemon* was on the list. It’s okay (note to Super Awesome [not] self). The GG *happily* went back over to the Plum to pick up a two lemons. He drove the Ninja over there the second time.

The GG did a lot of other stuff today too, including putting up a whole bunch of Halloween-type lights. The S-word is in our forecast for Halloween and it is on a Tuesday, so I bet we will not have a whole lot of trick-or-treat customers. I panicked and bought MORE candy ANYWAY! It’s okay. I will save some of the leftovers and put the rest in the Food Cube next to mine at Cubelandia. I am happy about the lights anyway. We are going into the DARK time of year and we need as much light as we can get.

Speaking of light, I just checked the sunrise time for tomorrow HERE on The Planet Ann Arbor and it is 8:05. We change back to standard time next Saturday so the sun will be rising much earlier for a while but I was surprised at the after-8 sunrise today because I usually associate that with late December. So we will have dark days for a while and it’ll be okay and then about mid/late January, Mr. Golden Sun will start giving us light again.

I hope it’s okay with the beach urchins if I start telling people I am Super Awesome when people ask me how I am. I think it’s probably a better answer than “Do you have 5 hours?”. Super Awesome is what Mr. Luv at my work always answers (in his Scottish accent) when people ask how he is. Mr. Luv actually *is* super awesome and I am not necessarily so.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Super awesome covers it for sure and no one would ask any probing questions after that. 🙂 I usually forget one important ingredient when I go to the store WITH my list. It is so frustrating.