Gobble gobble YIKES!

Three weeks? That’s what the radio said this afternoon as I slodged my way home from Cubelandia through the rain and past a fender-bender type accident in my lane on State St. that no one in the next lane would stop to let me by. Grrrrrr. I guess the good news is that we have a CHANCE that there won’t be snow on Turkey Day but not much of one. The bad news? I gotta get going. Cleaning up the Landfill and pre-cooking as much as possible so I can sit on my you-know-what as much as possible on Turkey Day. Not that I am ever all that good at s-i-t-t-i-n-g. But let’s just sweep that thought under the rug for the time being.

What a dark, wet morning. It was soooooo ooooogly out it was almost beautiful. But wet. Wet enough that I had to hang up my skirt to dry and CHANGE my tights when I got home from my 0-skunk-30 walk. By the time I got out the door and into the Ninja to head over to Barry’s for coffee with MMCB2, it was STILL black as the ace of spades. Sunrise today? 8:09 EDT.

And then I got there and as I was paying for my Medium House Coffee To Go, I looked toward the back and there was Bobblehead Barry! I pointed and the counter gal and I both cracked up. Barry Bagels is going to celebrate its 45th anniversary this month. I kind of did a double-take at that because as old and baggy as I am, I have not lived on The Planet Ann Arbor for 45 years and I am pretty sure that Barry’s did not arrive at the Westgate shopping center until the beach urchins were in elementary school.

I remember taking my PARENTS there after (whoooof) dropping the kids off at school. We would sit there and listen to The Commander’s stories about her fave sport Porcupine Flinging and about the time the Mounties hauled a dead person out of the woods on an ATV or sno-mo or whatever (WHA WHA WHA WHAT?) (not to mention, “Moom, can you lower your voice a bit?” Jeebus!)

I also remember going there with the Haisley Mafia and, because I cannot order a coffee to save my life, I mimicked Purple Vick’s order of Double Cappuccino with Hazelnut (or something) for *years*. Nowadays I have perfected my much simpler order, which I get half through at Coffee with MMCB2 and then I heat up the other half in the micro when I get over to Cubelandia. Every once in a while I have an epic KW Moment and cannot even order my Medium House Coffee To Go. Don’t ask!

Barry died a few years ago and I don’t remember ever seeing him in person.

And then… Will somebody please offer The Pensioner a job? It isn’t that we need the money but I cannot have him texting ribald songs by Froggy to me at my work without identifying the link before I open it up. I’m trying to decide if I am brave enough to post more about this over the weekend. We’ll see.

I am kind of done done done. It is pretty darn warm out again tonight and they were threatening us with thunderstorms and I was kind of looking forward to those but we didn’t get them. Yet. We did manage to get porterized over at our fave neighborhood restaurant aka Knights. I am taaaaared and so g’night.

One Response to “Gobble gobble YIKES!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s snowing here already and COLD. I don’t want this kind of winter! I don’t text naughty songs, but I do text unthinkingly sometimes, when people are at work. Being retired, I’m not as aware of work hours. 🙂