Fair trade

The Great Lake State (among many) is known for fall color, you know, when the leaves on deciduous trees start to change color from green to various shades of red, orange, and yellow. And purple (think color wheel and what is *not* all that close to green). When I was a kid sitting in the back seat of my old coot’s car driving out to the cabin or wherever, I remember looking at all of the colors and thinking it looked like a crayon box. Where was blue? The sky, of course.

I think we have mostly missed the fall color season this year here in the Great Lake State. At least the colors haven’t been as vibrant. My own uninformed opinion is that it’s because we have not had any kind of a freeze yet. Oh, we have seen a very light frost on the tops of tall grasses a couple times.

So I sat outside on the *south* side of my house for a while in the late afternoon today, after work and some chores, etc. I was dressed to the Nines this afternoon! Lemme see… Tie-dyed tshirt, polartech jacket, wool scarf, long skirt, *leggings* underneath the skirt, smartwool socks. If I didn’t mention it, I wasn’t wearing it, negative TMI if you will.

When I realized that it was 46 degrees, I decamped to the inside of the Landfill. Tomorrow will be the last day of EDT time but the weather forecast for tomorrow is dreadful so not sure if I’ll be able to sit outside at any time but we’ll see. Sunday may be warmer but the sun will set earlier…

One Response to “Fair trade”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Some friends went back to New England and were excited to see the fall colors, but it had been too warm so it was a bust. However, it’s been chilly here in the Evergreen State so we have had a magnificent fall for leaf color. Amazing!