Reading a novel with a numeral numerals in the title and waiting for karma to come around (and lightning!)

Okay, it’s raining and there is thunder every few seconds so I guess one of the things I am waiting for has happened! The GG sent me the pic from Wolverine this morning. I was at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, where it was chilly but nowhere near cold enough to snow. I was sooooo glad not to be going by Wolverine on the I75 SUV Snow-Way.

For a period of time, my intelligent, well-read, educated beach urchins used to harass the GG for reading cheesy novels with numerals in the title. To be fair, the GG reads some cheesy novels about wars and things that have numerals in the titles but he reads a lot of other novels too. One of the reasons I married the GG is because he could read and write at an educated level. Our children are probably much better educated than us in terms of reading and writing.

At any rate, I am now reading the book 4 3 2 1 (it’s important to put spaces between those numerals if you want to find it online.) I am loving this book. Some people gave it less than stellar reviews on GoodReads because they got confused. I did at first too but then I backtracked and figured out where the four stories started and that untangled my confusion. I’m not finished with the book yet so we’ll see.

Karma? I am waiting for this to happen but it doesn’t seem like it ever will. So far, there’s just suckity-up. I don’t get it. Perhaps I never will. I will always beware the knife in the back, real or figurative.

One Response to “Reading a novel with a numeral numerals in the title and waiting for karma to come around (and lightning!)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I read some really cheesy books, but don’t talk about them at all on-line. I don’t want the mockery!