Things that go Flap! in the night

First of all… Dear WordPress, you have been making me enter my long, fugly password every day for like the last four days now. Why why why?!? Disclaimer: This is NOT NOT NOT a subtweet to the Guru, the person who keeps this blahg o’ blather up and running and PATIENTLY responds to my occasional moments of panic, like last Saturday night when Comcast took a temporary hit during a big thunderstorm. Guru: “Did you try the phone/LTE thing?” KW: Duuuuuuhhhhh, noooooooo. [Jeebus, KW.] This wasn’t something the Guru had any control over.

It’s just odd that I can go for weeeeeks without having to enter a password and then all of a sudden I have to do it every dern time I want to get onto ababsurdo. I mean even if I check the box that says remember me. I get that occasionally making someone log in again is a security feature but there is no “pattern” to this behavior. It’s possible that using Safari (instead of Firefox) would yield different behavior but Safari also has its own annoying little blahggity glitches. At any rate, this is all a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM!

<weird-stuff-read-at-your-own-risk>Processing Dreams anyone? Or maybe this was a Packing Dream. Oh boy, also a Dysfunctional Phone Dream. Crapola, I fergot about those! Anyway. I was “kayaking” with a bunch of people in Mosquito Bay. By kayaking, I mean sitting astride some sort of thin little SOMEWHAT floaty board that sat under the water just far enough that I had to WORK to keep my iPhone and breakfast (some kind of weird tortilla/pizza “strip” thingy that the GG had made) above water. All kinds of weird looking “lake freighters” were going by us even though Mosquito bay is never more than a few feet deep and then I guess my brain couldn’t handle that stuff any more so I was suddenly on land… and… I could not find my iPhone. But… I had the UU’s droid (I think he actually has an iPhone now but anyway). So I tried to call… What… I dunno… I was getting nowhere with the phone call and THEN I spied my iPhone on the ground next to me. Except it when I picked it up, it had morphed into an ancient flip phone. This scenario repeated itself until I was juggling something like SIX cell phones, all of them black but different form factors and NONE of them my iPhone, which is NOT black.</weird-stuff-read-at-your-own-risk>

And then I woke up. Whew!

Things that go Flap! in the night? This hat, which was hanging from a tree last week and I almost ran into it three days in a row. It was black as the ace of spades until my phone flash lit it up.

2 Responses to “Things that go Flap! in the night”

  1. Sam Says:

    I do like that hat, but maybe not if I almost encountered it in the dark!

  2. Margaret Says:

    My computer does the same thing for various sites. I’m not always good at remembering my passwords, so it can create some issues! Comcast isn’t always reliable around here, storm or no storm.