Travelin’ Funy-ral (grok grok)

Kee-reist. Grok grok. You stoopid ol’ blahg peeple do *not* want Ol’ Baggy t’ blahg t’day. Grok grok. She’s teeterin’ way too close t’ travelin’ funy-ral land. Grok grok. So I’ma takin’ this dern thing over ‘n’ I’m gonna featcher one o’ my fav-o-rite peepul, Ol’ Baggy’s cuzzin Jane. Grok grok. She likes t’ just be called Jane but t’day, we’re callin’ her Yootoob Jane. Grok grok. I think I c’n hear Th’ Ol’ Marquis in th’ backgroun’. Grok grok. Er, akshully, it sounds like Ol’ Baggy’s in there too, takin’ over th’ convy-sashun as usual. Grok grokgork GROK!

One Response to “Travelin’ Funy-ral (grok grok)”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Did you wear your tivas? Ron and I were sick 🙁
    Being “rustey” at getting dressed up must be in our blood…
    We need to take lessons from Gay. And now Kelli! Isn’t it cute how she is kinda like Gay..
    Blog about that wedding I missed…show me some pictures!
    Here is a picture of the Bead I am sending them…