Another Year

I began the first day of 2006 quite optimistically. I remember it very clearly. I was feeling more or less myself after several days of illness and thinking that nothing could be worse than 2005, the year I lost my brother and began what turned into 18 months of living out of a suitcase. 2006 had to be better. But fate had a different idea. Prescient dreams came in January and we won’t go into the rest of it. There were plenty of good things about 2006 and all of them involved friends and relatives. Reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen in years. Making the effort to stay connected with those I do see frequently. Pushing myself to reach out and make new friends, not the easiest thing for a shy extrovert. If I have a resolution on this first day of 2007, it is only to continue to carry on. One step at a time. No great expectations. Stay the course. (I don’t care *who* else says that.)

People have asked if I have any pictures of Chris and Kelli’s wedding and I regret to say that I wasn’t in a particularly good picture-taking mood that night. I’m a mediocre amateur photographer on a good day and getting good pictures in that kind of venue is almost beyond me on any day. Joanny was taking pictures left and right. If we’re good, maybe she’ll share some of them with us. We did get a *very* few little video clips, which I put together and posted on YouTube. Unfortunately, they didn’t include Chris and Kelli, but we did get the wedding party, Doug juggling on the dance floor, and Mouse doing what Mouse does, which is knit. In the dark, no less. It was a great wedding and I bet a lot of people slept later than I did the next day. I didn’t wear my Tevas, we didn’t do the Hokey-pokey, and nobody tried to foist a propane tank off on me. Or even a boat motor.

Last but definitely not least, go take a gander at our niece Sheila’s page. She’s an artist who’s currently making (and selling) glass beads to die for and you can see her work and pics of her studio, etc. Buy beads!

It’s been a hectic holiday season and I have a busy week ahead and then school starts up again next week and the classes I’m taking this semester are prob’ly gonna kill me. Therefore, I’m doing as little as possible today. I don’t even care if there’s a football game or two on the boob tube as long as nobody has a hissy fit. Happy New Year!

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  1. joanny Says:

    hi Yes I took a few hundred pics, and I will burn a disk and send you one. It will include xmas photos from Courtois Xmas at the Farnells house. I do need to get better videos of Doug. We have a few from a Rennaisance Festival in 05″ that I should send to you as well. We had a great time, didn’t we? Dennis and Dave are bruised from break dancing, and will heal. My car decided to spring a leak in the cooling sytem on my way home the next day, and is now leaking coolant… I need to get it fixed. : P But first, on the road again….. pics of that soon to……. I will be driving to Laredo and back twice a week now.