Moominblahg 2007

“I’m excited to go back to California but it’s also hard to leave Ann Arbor.” — Lizard Breath, approximate words. That statement was just about exactly what I needed to hear. I’m going to mortify my kids now, each of whom is now back in her home away from home. Whenever someone asks me what/how one of my daughters is doing, I tend to stammer a bit and say something like, “oh, she’s fine.” I’ll try to be a bit more articulate today:

  • Lizard Breath is living in Berkeley, CA. She loves her job as an assistant producer for the bilingual radio show Childhood Matters. She’s responsible for a variety of production and administrative tasks and has become a “walking encyclopedia of Bay area services for babies.” Her boss treats her like a family member and her office comes equipped with a kitten. She shares an apartment with Jess, another 2006 Kalamazoo College graduate who’s been one of Liz’s best friends since middle school. Berkeley is a fun place to live, almost like a larger version of The Planet Ann Arbor with earthquakes and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Mouse is a sophomore at Kalamazoo College with a theatre arts major, anthropology minor and concentration in women’s studies. And doing very well, I have to add. She has a job in the costume shop and is in the process of applying for study abroad and I won’t tell you any more about that for now. Mouse said to me today, as we were driving to kzoo, “I can’t travel as light as Liz.” And she’s right! Spinning wheels and sewing machines, etc., take up some space. Mouse’s roommate this year is none other than Lairi the Rake, who she has known since kindergarten and I don’t even want to try to describe some of the stuff they used to get up to. Heck, if you really want to know what’s going on in Mouse’s life, check out her blahg.

Is this a brag? That isn’t my intention. I know all kinds of interesting, intelligent young adults. I envy them the opportunities that are available for them to plan (or not plan) interesting careers. It’s just that once again I am sitting in the middle of the highway of life wondering what hit me. Where are the 6-pound babies that I used to feed and change and schlep everywhere? How did they turn out to be the beautiful women that they are? Grok grok. Yeah, Ol’ Baggy never even changed a diaper until my owner was born. Grook grok. What are your wonderful children (of all ages) doing? Replay Reply Comment (!!!) and tell us.

Once again, the GG and I are left to our own devices. Grok grok. What abou’ me? Grok grok. Er, Akshully, I wanna go truckin’ with Aunt Joanny. Grok grok. Those truckers were fun t’day. Grok grok. Bye. Shut up, Froog. I’ll get used to it. Later this week, I’m going to *be* a daughter for a few days. Since things seem to be going well up there in the Great White North, I guess all I can say is that, for the time being, I’m happy to be the filling in this particular generational sandwich.

Happy New Year!!!

3 Responses to “Moominblahg 2007”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Froggy, just remember what Aunt Joanny sez: “Red cabbage makes you fart” and “the foods you *don’t* want to eat before going on a date include broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage…”

  2. jane Says:

    What are my wonderful kids up to? OH! oh no! I forgot to have kids!! well, I guess I’ll just have to hang with Lizard and Mouse whenever we’re at the cabin at the same time. I can be ‘parental’ and watch them while they’re swimming. 😉

    one favorite parental/adult story which of course took place at the cabin. Ashlan was young – maybe 3? – and it was a rainy day and we were all hanging around inside. Ashlan wanted to go pick blueberries but no adults really wanted to go out with her. (I don’t remember what Rey was doing, but he wasn’t old enough and heck, he was probably out in the parking area playing baseball – the herbivores vs. the carnivores.) Jay said ‘do you want Jane to go out with you? is she an adult?’ Ashlan looks at me, pauses and says ‘well… she’s big.’ clearly I was not adult in her eyes, which is fine with me. the ‘young at heart, responsible only when I need to be’ concept I live by had penetrated her young mind.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Well, that brings up two memories:

    1) I dunno if Nate reads this and if he does, I doubt he remembers this. But I remember being about 25, down on the beach in front of Don and Katie’s and hearing Jan explain to him (I think he was about 2, maybe) that I might not *look* like an adult but I *was* an adult.

    2) When Liz was a new talker, ca. 2 or so, we were at the cabin and she wanted to go for a walk with “Zhim” (my bro’) and “Zhane.”

    Off to mail boxes, take down the xmas tree, do laundry, pack, get groceries, etc., etc., not necessarily in that order!