Companion aminals

Mouse recently acquired a new couch for her apartment and of course my first question was “Do you want some frogs or other aminals to adorn your couch?” The Green Couch is home to at least two froogs, a grinch on long-term loan from his owner, a seal or two or three, and I fergit what else. Oh yeah, Hisse and Bouncy Bow! Those are mice!

I suspect Mouse’s new couch is already home to various aminals, definitely a few elephants. Monkey here is my chitchen aminal. Monkey has been around as long as I can remember and I don’t remember that he (he has always been a he to me) has ever had a more creative name than “Monkey”. I was not as creative at naming aminals (or toys) when I was a small child as my Mouse was. One of the things The Commander told me about my early childhood was that once I was standing over my toy box moving my head back and forth. What was I doing? Looking for Little Red. I’m not sure what Little Red was. I’m not sure The Commander knew what Little Red was. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a doll or aminal but I could be wrong.

Here is Monkey. He has been around as long as I can remember. He lived at the moomincabin for a number of years but now that my parents are dead and the cabin is empty more of the summer than I want it to be, I decided Monkey needed to come home with me. He lives by the coffee maker. He has acquired a hat! Buried in the swamp of Crappy Beer was one long lost bottle of good cBear beer, bottled in Gainesville, Fla (or maybe in Chico, CA). The GG drank it yesterday and Monkey now has a new hat. Forever, because once an aminal acquires an article of clothing, it stays around forever. Like Froggy’s Harry Potter glasses, which washed up on the moominbeach once upon a time.

One Response to “Companion aminals”

  1. Margaret Says:

    At first I couldn’t see Monkey, and I thought, WAIT, that’s beer! 🙂 He kind of blends in. We were “imaginative” at naming stuffed animals too, like Fat Duck, which was a fat duck. 😉