When a Maaaaaaan cleans the hou-ouse…

I am pretty good at keeping up with maintenance-type cleaning. I clean the tub, sink, and eco-terlet (and – ahem – the floor surrounding the eco-terlet) *every* day. Well, probably six days a week. I keep up with the chitchen. You will NEVER find shambling mounds of laundry at any stage hanging around here. There *is* a shambling mound of skirts but they are clean and don’t ask.

I have been known to deep clean from time to time but I am more suited to maintenance-type cleaning plus some picking around here and there. The GG? When he gets bitten by a cleaning bug, it is best to just stay out of his way. *Every* piece of furniture gets moved out from the wall, dusted, and vacuumed if needed. Like, how many years do you think this candy wrapper has been down in the bowels of the Green Couch? In the particular iteration that occurred this morning, every single blasted item in the room was dusted, no matter how small. I wanted to help. My help was not particularly appreciated. I am okay with that.

The GG theorized that the Monster Bedroom was the dustiest place in the house and probably always will be. I don’t totally agree. I think that the Freakout Chamber is probably dustier and I KNOW that the Utility Room is awful. Those rooms are in the dungeon though. Otherwise, I think he is right about the Monster Bedroom. Why is it so dusty? Because it contains a closet full of clothing, a lot of which hasn’t been worn since the Jurassic Age. Fabric is a huge dust collector and if you don’t wear it, you don’t wash it…

I greatly appreciate all of the Man Cleaning but I still maintain that it is easier to CLEAN if there is less CLUTTER around. We have been working on Death Cleaning (google it) for more than 10 years now but we have more to do. The Commander spent many years doing that kind of cleaning and was still doing it at the age of 90 and I thank her for not leaving us with the kind of mess that requires a dumpster in the driveway.

It was raining cats and dogs at the time we usually walk downtown to the Griz for Saturday lunch. I figgered out how to take the bus DOWNTOWN today. We could’ve driven down but it was so much more fun to take the bus. I figured out that we could catch it over by Aldi’s. We got there a bit early because I do not have the bus schedule internalized. So we had to wait a bit in a driving rain. Once we got on it, it was totally fun and the guy slouched down looking at his iPhone is the GG. I like to sit a bit higher where I can see what’s going on although, when our bus steamed through the Dexter/Maple intersection as the light was turning red, I had to duck my head. I would have stopped but then I am usually driving the Ninja, not a bus.

2 Responses to “When a Maaaaaaan cleans the hou-ouse…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My late husband was also a deep cleaner but on rare occasions, and it stressed me out when he did it. So, I would usually repair to a different floor, or think of an errand or 10 to do. 🙂 I too am a maintenance cleaner. Wish I dealt better with the major projects because there are LOTS to be done.

  2. TMOTU Says:

    Listenin’ to, ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’, from the White Album. That is to say… we are using the turn-table right now… The Beatles!!!