Mr. Clean (or is it Suzy Homemaker)

<alert>Okay, so there was just a growling noise behind me. At least I THOUGHT it was behind me! I figgered it was “just” Mr. Clean making a growling noise but when I turned around, no one was there. Then I figgered it out. It was definitely Mr. Clean but he was running water in the bathroom. Okay, whew!</alert>

This is the fourth consecutive day of Man Cleaning. Fortunately I was over at Cubelandia the whole day. When I got home, Suzy Homemaker was swinging around the Man Cave back living room with what I think was The Pretenders on the stereo. I am happy enough about all of the Man Cleaning that I didn’t even care if The Pretenders were precluding me from letting National Petroleum Radio run along in the background. Oh, I like The Pretenders well enough. I remember them from the early days of MTV. I think. We were living in an upper flat over on Jackson back in those days.

I used to always listen to music, mainly when driving, and mainly rock and roll of one variety or another. Classic rock until the beach urchins started paying attention to something besides Wee Sing Dinosaurs and guess what? Unlike my parents’ opinions about *my* teenage music (Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc., if you haven’t been keeping track), I LOVED the stuff on the “alternative” rock station. 89X, was it? I am randomly remembering one time I was driving The Indefatigable and there was an Eminem song on and my then middle school beach urchin (who did NOT like Eminem) wanted to change the station but I said, “Just let me finish listening to this song.” We were picking up one of her friends as this was happening and he asked why she was listening to that stuff. She replied that it was her Mooooooom who wanted it on. I could hear her eyes rolling.

After my dad died, I couldn’t listen to music for quite a long time. I switched over to NPR news and talk. I didn’t grieve in any kind of a “normal” way (and I know that grief is different for every situation). I didn’t sit around and cry and wring my hands. I drove anywhere I could manage to drive — many trips to the Yooperland and Houghton Lake but also quick 100-mile jaunts over to Kalamazoo for breakfast at the Crow’s Nest with random students there — and listened to NPR all of the way. (I also walked but I always do that.)

I am listening to music again nowadays although I still listen to NPR talk in the car. I have to say I am enjoying Mr. Clean’s music selections tonight. It turns out he has gotten the stereo system’s CASSETTE player working and so he’s playing cassette tapes from the early 1980s. We’ve got Falco on now. I only ever remember one Falco tune ever, Der Kommissar, but they are pretty good. Also, I think they sing in German. Which is okay with me and I am loving their music tonight.

I dunno if any of this stuff makes sense or if it is just stream of conscious random writing. You’re welcome and I love you too. Really. 💜💜💜

4 Responses to “Mr. Clean (or is it Suzy Homemaker)”

  1. Isa Says:

    CASSETTES??!! Oh boy Thanksgiving is gonna be funnn this year

  2. TMOTU Says:

    Listenin’ to, ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’, from the White Album. That is to say… we are using the turn-table right now… The Beatles!!!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Cassettes and Falco–what a trip down memory lane! I am reminded that I still own many cassettes and a player too. 🙂 I listen to anything except most country. (I love bluegrass though) I love some rap, disco, and electronic music although my favorites would be classical, classic rock and alt rock.

  4. Pooh Says:

    I’m stuck on “Crazy” by Patsy Cline. Of course, in my head the lyrics start out as, “Crazy, Crazy for loving this job…” as I grade yet another stack of math.

    Also, the soundtrack from “Sleepless in Seattle”. In this time of #MeToo, “Stand By Your Man” has never sounded more ironic. Do you think Rob Morrow’s wife is singing it?