Everybody must get trolled

So troll me if you want but today this rambling bunch o’ blather is gonna talk about traffic. And weather. And… Why? Because that’s about all I have.

That was my original first sentence because I had an ooogly little commute home today. It was raining and the I94 18-Wheel Clogway was red red red in both directions, so I took the “back” roads and those can get pretty dern clogged up too but the upside was that I ended up going along Stadium right by the liqwire store where I stopped and stocked up for the weekend *today* instead of tomorrow when it will probably be slammed.

To go with my oooogly commute theme, I was remembering my commute home 10 years ago today (“today” being the Tuesday before Thanksgiving). There was a long backup (like today) and it was dark and rainy (like today) and I was going slow enough that I was able to actually take a photo (unlike today). I was *probably* driving either the Dogha or Daisy, both of which have automatic transmissions. I can RARELY get a photo from the Ninja while driving. Since I didn’t get a photoooo today, I searched for my 10-year-old photo. I found that and some other oldies but goodies. Here is the 10-year-old traffic photo.

And then I found a whole bunch of photos from a trip to the Yooperland earlier that November featuring people who were vibrant then but are no longer around. This is a HORRIBLE photo of The Commander lunching at the Ojibway Hotel. What was said? I don’t know. I’m sorry mom!

And here’s my beloved friend (and aunt) Radical Betty walking the fin family moomintroll beach.

Another photo from lunch at the Ojibway, this time Cam and Radical Betty. Cam was RB’s lifelong BFF and died only a few months after RB. I have gone on with my life since these women have died (what choice do I have?) but I do miss them.

To lighten it up a bit, the next photo is of the Old Cabin’s renovation, which was also taking place that year. My Dear Uncle Harry organized this and I will never forget him saying something like how a lot of people inherit cabins but he had inherited a museum. He is not wrong.

One Response to “Everybody must get trolled”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I try to stay off the roads and out of the stores the couple days before Thanksgiving. It is always a MESS. Lovely photos of your mom and aunt. Memories are so precious.