Garlic bread (or not)

This is the one day that I did NOT want to get up late. I had a whole bunch more than the usual number of chores to do before work. Usually I wake up at the same time every single blasted morning. I have my alarm set for 5:58 AM, which is actually something like a half hour earlier. This morning I was awake enough 20 minutes before the time my alarm is set that I was just about to get up and go about business and get some of it done before my walk. But then… Yikes. I somehow fell asleep again. REM sleep with a crazy shoreline dream and and the whole works. Folks on the other side? Yes. There was a whole thing where my dad and I were stopping at some kind of place where we could buy passes to cross the Mackinac Bridge and I had a long incomprehensible conversation with the woman selling them (dad would NOT go inside) about how many axles we had (TWO…) and some sort of Monday night special. I was mustering the guzzinta to tell the woman — politely — to just sell me a pass for *our* vee-hickle for *that* night. And then I woke up. And whoa! My clock said 6:18! 20 minutes after I wanted to get up.

I cut my walk a bit short, mostly that Ano was in the southern woods and I decided to let him roam in there alone today. His owner was wondering where I was and if I wasn’t walking because it was cold. It was 30 but it was windy but I was dressed for it and I assured Ano’s owner that I don’t bag walking unless it’s about zero.

One of the chores I did this morning was to prep a couple small loaves of garlic bread to bake tonight.

And then I got to work and I heard the Long Suffering Cat Herding Person tell someone that he was probably the only person on his team who was at Cubelandia today. I piped up with “How do you define your team?” Oh, ho ho ho. He didn’t expect that I was there. I guess he doesn’t realize that I only have a few more days of paid time off in 2017. As is customary, we are usually released a couple hours early the day before a holiday. The LSCHP got taaaared of working before that hour so he shooed me out the door 20 minutes early, mainly so he could also leave in good conscience, I guess. Maybe that makes up for the 20 minutes I overslept this morning.

Home and a walk to the Plum Market and beach urchins over for the night and the holiday and and and… Hope your Thanksgiving is good. This year I am thankful for good health and relative prosperity and beautiful grown children who have always been and still are tremendous assets to my life.

Wouldn’t you know that I totally forgot to bake the garlic bread I so carefully prepped this morning. I have no words!

One Response to “Garlic bread (or not)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    When I worked, I had my alarm set for about the same time and also fast. That way I could snooze it a few times. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite Kayak Woman!