Subfusc grutch and frass

Lemme see. Thanksgiving weekend shopping:

— Thursday, Thanksgiving Day: One trip to the Plum Market by the GG. Local business? Started in the northern Detroit suburbs and has expanded to the Planet Ann Arbor and Chicago. Located where I can easily walk to it.

— Friday: Lunch at the Session Room (local brewery) and dinner at the Oscar Tango (long-time A2 establishment).

— Saturday: farmers market and Monahan’s Seafood (both local), then lunch at the Griz (local brewery). I cannot believe that someone had some fresh lima beans at the farmers market yesterday. I thought those were done done done in midsummer. I’m cooking some tonight.

— Today: Apple Store. Oh, the humanity! (Including us, of course.)

But wait! We didn’t buy anything. Wednesday night the GG threw all caution to the wind and decided to accept a software update on The Mothership. To digress a minute, I call his behemoth iMac (or whatever it is) The Mothership but that implies that it is related to the other computers in the Landfill. It ain’t necessarily so. I bought my first Apple laptop in 2003 and have never looked back from using a laptop. My laptop is not connected to The Mothership and I have used that beastie only a handfull of times [delete some fugly stuff about scanning hostile albeit incomprehensible letters from unscrupulous lawyers — you’re welcome].

Anyway, the Wednesday night software update hosed The Mothership so the first appointment we could get at the Genius Bar was this afternoon at 1:00. He actually made one for Saturday but I nixed that because it was during the Umich/OSU game. I wanted to be downtown during that and so did the GG and no, Umich/OSU do NOT play football on Thanksgiving Day. It is the Saturday after 🐽

We were prepared for the possibility of buying a new computer today but, as it turned out, it was a complicated issue having to do with file “architecture” (for lack of a possibly more accurate word), disk drive form factors, and what I think I heard Valentine admit was not the smoothest operating system upgrade that Apple has ever rolled out, especially if you have an old-skool “spinning” drive. Which we do.. Because…

It turns out that we bought The Mothership in August 2011! Neither one of us could remember exactly when. Valentine looked it up and also noted that most people don’t remember when they bought old computers and either over or underestimate it. I’m sure he’s right but I neither over or under estimated. I just plain couldn’t remember. As difficult a year as that was with The Commander taking a bit of a turn downward, I do remember getting two new laptops in one month that year. One was the precursor of my current MacBook Pro (it was time) and the other was a Windows Musheen at work (it was time).

Anyway, we didn’t (knock on wood) have to buy a replacement Mothership today and things seem to be going well but he is doing a time musheen restore so we’ll see what happens after that finally finishes. I was sort of excited about getting two new laptops at that earlier time in my life, back in 2011. Nowadays, I could not care less. Oh, I will upgrade my hardware when it fails.

And then after all of that, since we were at Briarwood Mall where our Apple Store is, we took the Ninja for a mini ride south of town, past my work business park, down to and through Saline, and westward to the first northward unpaved road we encountered. Beautiful sunshine drive home today and at this time of year we need whatever we can get.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Computer issues are the pits, especially this time of year with all the crowds. Yuck! It seemed like every upgrade I did on our old computers(and even on my current iPhone) hoses something. Can I just live in the past? 🙂