New things in Decembers past because you do NOT want to read another of my rants!

This rant (or rants) does not have anything to do with sex. That is all I will say.

I’m gonna limit this post to new things in December and I am gonna limit it to ONE photo each in the years 2012 to 2016. We’ll start with 2012, the first December after The Commander moved on over to the other side. Following three years of living (pretty happily, actually) with a three-burner stove, we bought Gertrude. The front right burner on the old stove blew out in a spectacular manner. If I have it right, it happened on Mouse’s watch. The stove was old when we bought the house and we had replaced burners on it before but this time we were outta luck. Why did it take us three years to obtain a new stove? I do not know. I mean, no one wants to spend money at the drop of the hat but money was not really the problem. The photo also provides a glimpse into our old fugly chitchen, since we didn’t gut it until spring 2014.

I named Gertrude after a woman in a comic The Commander taped to the inside of the broom closet door in the chitchen in my childhood home, a ratty old bungalow on Superior Street in Sault Ste. Siberia. In the comic, Gertrude is slumped over an ironing board. I forget what the caption was but the idea was that housewives work HARD. I have searched high and low for that comic. I can only guess the original was thrown out when they moved into my grandparents’ house after those folks died. I cannot find it on the internet and maybe don’t even have a clue about how to search for it. Alas.

2013: iPhones. 5-somethings? I think so but I’ve lost track. We bought our first iPhones in 2007. We are using the 6S now. Which version was the one that the GG set an alarm for 3:00 AM to order it online? Was it the 5-? or the 6S. I do not remember.

2014: I have a pic of Bunny Bread loaves, probably from somewhere in the Yooperland, but I didn’t post that because we didn’t buy any Bunny Bread. But my uber-cousin Pooh sent me this beauteous red-plaid “smoke ring”. I don’t remember why I have both my personal and work laptop open as backdrops to the smoke ring. Whatever…

2015: The Blue and Only Terlet is gone and here is the newfangled Eco-Terlet! We gutted and renovated our old Blue and Only Bathroom without moving out of our house, even though we only had/have one bathroom. We (the GG) set up a shower in the basement and our contractors were able to provide us with a toilet every night except one. We survived that night by peeing in the backyard. Yes, really. And the next morning. This is the solstice time of year and it was the new moon that year so it was darker than all getout, plus our yard is quite secluded. We drove north the morning following the no-toilet night and after a weekend in Iggy, we returned home to find this shiny new Eco-terlet. It is wondrous but <TMI-alert>sometimes you have to do more than one flush…</TMI-alert>

2016: We were downtown in 10,000 Villages trying to xmas shop but we were not really feeling it and I am pretty sure we didn’t buy anything. Not sure if I used this as a profile pic or not but it wouldn’t be a bad one.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Interesting photos. 2012 was a bad year around here too. I need to renovate my kitchen, but there are so many repairs and other things to do around here that it’s overwhelming.