Looking for something else, I found The Indefatigable

What was I looking for? I was looking for the time we took a tour of the then-new Skyline High School, a bit north of us on Maple Road. When we take the 32A bus home from downtown, we cruise by Skyline High. I didn’t find the pics I was looking for but I found some fun jeep pics, like this one, where the doors were in the Landfill Backroom. I do not know why.

We drove over to Kzoo with the Trashmobile (jeep and Courtois Trailer) to deliver stuff to Mouse’s new apartment after she returned from study abroad in Dakar. We almost ran outta gas on the way over there. The Indefatigable was kind of coughing and I was like, “What the heck is going on” and the GG said, “We’re outta gas”. We somehow made it to the next exit, where there was a gas station. Jeebus.

The Indefatigable was 16 years old by this time. When we bought it, our Mouse was not quiiiiite five years old.

I’m kind of done for tonight. We bought a new mattress today. That is, the GG bought one. I can sleep just about anywhere, including the floor upstairs in the moomincabin smushed up against my mom’s old train traveling trunks because guests need beds. That was the difficult weekend of my dad’s “memorial”. I had fun *anyway* and I so miss the days when anyone in the fam felt welcome to visit whenever. Alas. Warm regards.

One Response to “Looking for something else, I found The Indefatigable”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What kind of Jeep? We had both a CJ-5 and CJ-7. I made Patt get rid of the 5 because it needed too much work–that he would never have time to do. 🙂