Talking with my hands…

…I did this. Yes, I knocked a full medium-sized cuppa coffee over. MMCB1 and I both JUMPED UP before we got wet. I was soooo apologetic when I asked for help with our “tragedy” but the staff behind the counter just laughed at me. “Do you know how many times that happens every day?” I know it does. I have done it before. I even have a picture of the last time I did it. I am a moom. I hate when people have to clean up after me. But they did and they did it VERY graciously. One of those blurry hands belongs to MMCB1, who is ALSO a moom. And then I got a coffee refill. I tried to give them my debit card again but apparently coffee refills are free whether or not you spill your coffee. MMCB2 aka Bubbie, missed all of this because she was On Grandchild Duty early today!

And then we had frickin’ Snow Squalls for both of my commutes today. Getting *to* work was not terrible. Getting *home* took an HOUR! I usually take the I94 18-wheel Clogway for five miles of that trip. I took the back roads today. It really wasn’t all that slippery (I don’t think) on the “back” roads, which means major surface roads through and orbiting The Planet Ann Arbor but the visibility was absolutely awful with no sun, billions of vee-hickles with their lights on, and heavy snow for most of the trip. I was not a happy camper but I tried to stay in the zen of it all and by the time I got back over to Stadium Blvd., the snow had stopped. Thank you.

Taking the freeways down here on a snow squally day is courting the grim reaper and I would rather spend an hour snaking through town at slow speeds than get rear-ended by a semi that cannot stop in time for a traffic slowdown in a sudden snow squall or some imbecile going 90 in the snow and cart-wheeling around rolling into the ditch, hitting me in the process.

I am not ready for this. I am not ready for this. I am not ready for this. BUT. I do not want to move to, say, Florida. I love Florida. It is a beautiful state (except for all of the real-estate development but we have that everywhere) but I last about a week in Florida and then I am chompin’ at the bit to head back north.

Speaking of real-estate development? I think our new mattress is just fine (but I can sleep anywhere) but what I really want is a mattress that will let me control my REM dreams. Last night, on the new mattress, I had a Real Estate Developer Dream. In this particular incarnation, I was walking down the moominbeach and, oh hello, there is a new McMansion there, just past Jack Mc’s boathouse. I yelled at the owner but then I apologized, realizing that she had just bought some land and built a house… So that was okay (well not really) but as I continued down the beach, there were big buildings of all sorts and a PARKING STRUCTURE and yada yada. In my dream I kept thinking “this is just a dream” but it wasn’t wasn’t wasn’t but then I WOKE UP! And of course it was a dream.

3 Responses to “Talking with my hands…”

  1. Sam Says:

    No no no; no parking structure! Horrors!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Speaking of rear-ended, that’s what happened to me at the roundabout this morning on the way to work. Very low-speed accident. All is well.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I also hate to be cleaned up after! Embarrassing. Sorry about the snow stuff, but it’s better than ice. I would much rather be on the freeway here because they at least clear it off. Regular roads are iffy. But then, we aren’t used to snow, and have very little snow removal equipment. 🙂