Speaking of rear-enders and balaclavas

Were we speaking of balaclavas? Maybe not, at least not recently. So, here is one of my two Shambling Mounds (the other one is my Skirt Mound and we’ll talk about that – or not – some other time). The Green Chair Mound is in Winter Mode at the moment. Various form factors of hats, vests, scarves, jackets, glubs. My backpack and some Chico bags are in the mound year-round. My snowpants aren’t in the mound yet but they’ll probably migrate there sooner or later.

This morning. 6:00 AM. 17 degrees F. Where is my balaclava (the Smartwool form factor, not the Polar Vortex form factor)? Where is my balaclava? It was here yesterday. Where is my balaclava? WHERE IS MY BALACLAVA? WHERE IS MY BALACLAVA? Hmmmmmm… The GG went north yesterday. Could he have… He’s done it before. 6:20 AM: I texted him. He ghosted me. A little later: I texted him. He ghosted me. Finally at around 7:30 AM, I called him. Oh dear, I woke him up. I didn’t really intend to do that. My sequined bomber hat was more than adequate for the job this morning. But, yes. He had absconded with my balaclava. “Oh, sorry. Yeah, I ended up with two”. … … … Note to GG. Please leave my mounds alone!

Rear-ender? Say it ain’t so. Alas…

State/Ellsworth roundabout. Dry pavement. Bright sunlight. I approached the roundabout and — MIRACULOUSLY — there was no one in the circle so I did not do what I ALWAYS DO, which is stop, even though it is not required. Suddenly. A car came WHIPPING AROUND the circle (don’t worry if you can’t follow this, you had to be there). I hit the brakes. The young man behind me did not.

I have been in so few accidents (one that I count) in my life that I didn’t even know what to do. He was extremely apologetic. It WAS his fault but I felt like I didn’t handle the traffic situation as elegantly as I could have. No one was hurt at all — this was at well under 5mph. The police were not involved. I didn’t want the police involved. When it first happened, all I could think was that I was gonna be reeeeealllly late to work, whatever *that* means because no one really pays attention to when I get to work. But not. We pulled off into a parking lot. I got his insurance information. In the process, I dropped one of my glubs on the ground and had to inelegantly drive around (again) to (inelegantly) reach out the door and pick it up. Again, you had to be there and you are happy you weren’t. Even though I was not at fault, I felt horrible about the whole thing. I actually like roundabouts and drive carefully through them but I think I will tweak my approach to entering that one a bit…

You have to know that we have not one but *two* new Smartwool balaclavas now. Snagged them at REI on the way home from work.

And then… I walked over to get porterized at knight’s and wouldn’t you know I got rear-ended again. This time via a loverly senior citizen (a bit more senior than me) accidentally pushing his chair backwards into mine. Hilarity ensued.

2 Responses to “Speaking of rear-enders and balaclavas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Quite an interesting day for you, KW! Glad you are OK, and can find the humor in all of it. (most of it anyway?)

  2. Pooh Says:

    I think you need to add a touch of color to one of the balaclavas, to identify it. THIS IS MINE!