“Troll” the ancient yuletide carols…

Of course I know that we do not “troll” the yuletide carols. We “toll” them. I remember that word from my childhood days, belting out xmas carols from the hymnal at the Methodist Church, or playing them on my recorder from a simple xmas song book that I probably still possess… Eventually I belted them out on the puano my parents bought for me.

We didn’t get a lot of snow today but it was our first REAL SNOW. A few people didn’t make to the gosling shower today. Some of those who did had interesting stories to tell. Like hey, there is no traffic AT ALL on northbound US23. I deadpanned “jackknifed semi”, which was exactly correct and I had heard it on the radio. Yes, that was the kind of stuff going on today. My Mouse lives close enough to take surface streets over here but even she had to re-route because there was an accident that closed Huron below the Y intersection.

You grow up (or whatever) and you have your children and all of a sudden they get to be like, uh, 30, and they start having their own babies. A gosling in this case. The gosling moom is one of Mouse’s best childhood friends ever and *her* moom (the gosling grandmoom) is my friend and so many people were at the shower that I have known forever.

I will never forget when Mouse became what I will call fast friends with Goose. They were out riding bikes with Lairi and it was getting toward sunset and I started wondering where they were. I was (and still am) good friends with Lairi’s parents and I kept trying to call them but that was back in the day when the landline was tied up when people were using the internet via a landline modem. Finally, I shoved my introverted personality into the background and called Goose’s moom (from the school directory). I know that I sounded like a total idiot on the phone that time (um, you might not know me but…) but the kids came home safely and we have been friends ever since.

Since Goose lived around two corners from us, there were many sleepovers. Back-to-back sleepovers were common. During one particularly dreary xmas vacation, Mouse and Goose were acting like they were tired of all this. Goose went home for a while (we walked her there) and within a few hours they decided to hang out back over here. Bagawk Bagawk.

Gosling’s moom looks wonderful and gosling’s grandmoom has moved back to The Planet Ann Arbor to be close to her grandchild. Alas, she is not two corners away from us any more but she is a quick walk from the gosling and in the same town as we are.

The Planet Ann Arbor is a wonderful place to live and bring up children. May it live forever.

One Response to ““Troll” the ancient yuletide carols…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It certainly is the time to have babies–neither one of my daughters are yet “on board” but many of their friends are. Some even have 4!