Designated Decoy

I have declared this weekend Shopping Weekend. I’m not sure what kind of shopping will be accomplished but we are kind of waaaaay behind on xmas and we will try. Even though none of us need anything and I think we would all be happy enough to declare xmas to be Reading Day. Still, a few gifts for the beach urchins to open?

When I got down to the Oscar Tango tonight, everyone was already lit, as you may be able to see. Please ignore the GG’s shirt.

I think this is a great pic of porterization and a much more acceptable Red Plaid Shirt.

Speaking of gifts, last weekend at the gosling shower, many of the young women who attended gave beautiful handmade gifts to the yet-to-be-born babe. As folks who make handmade stuff (including me) often do, they talked about the flaws. Even though I know how to do various forms of fiber arts and have made my own mistakes, I could not see any flaws. I was awed at the beauty of the final products and the effort that was obviously put into them. I remember these young women when they were in middle school and I greatly love the wonderful adults they have turned into.

2 Responses to “Designated Decoy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t make anything handmade, so I am always in awe of them, and never see any flaws. 🙂 Love the lit up shirts!!

  2. l4827 Says:

    The Christmas ‘spirits’ definitely illuminated the evening. BTW, which one is the terrorist Santa?