Hey, Garbage Woman…

Did I want to go to the dump today? Yes yes yes! I am always happy to go to the dump. Let’s fling! The item that we “dumped” today was a bit harder than usual so I didn’t take pictures of our adventure.

When we got married and moved into the Jackson Road apartment, we needed some furniture, including a couch (davenport, sofa, whatever). We looked at all of the usual furniture stores and we could not agree. And we looked at all of the usual furniture stores and we couldn’t agree. And then. One night we were out at Briarwood Mall. I hate going to “the mall” nowadays and only go there when there is some kind of thing to do at the Apple Store and I wish Apple would open up a second store on The Planet Ann Arbor, like over in Westgate or someplace. But I am off in the weeds now.

We were in Hudsons and THERE WAS OUR COUCH! We both agreed upon it at first sight and so we bought it for our apartment and I took many naps upon it after our older daughter was on the way.

We moved that beautiful couch from our old Jackson Road apartment to the house we bought all those years ago and still live in. And here is our baby taking a nap on that couch with her mother (me, who you can’t see) after a winter wonderland walk through the neighborhood. We carried her on that trip. She was a new walker at that time but still happy to be carried.

Here is the GG taking a nap on that couch a while back. it was a wonderfully comfortable couch but it was shredded.

Now we have this couch. I like it better than I thought I would.

One Response to “Hey, Garbage Woman…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like the darker couch because it will show less. How did the old one get shredded? I know the cat has done damage around here with her nasty claws. 🙁