Livin’ in a purple house

So I think I blahgged something about a Shopping Weekend a few days ago. Except I got more than halfway through the weekend without doing ANY shopping, except for one thing I bought online. Actually I tried to buy the online thing a while back but it didn’t arrive and I didn’t get a confirmation message. When I finally went out to the merchant’s website, it turned out that it was “hung up”. That particular website does not seem to “play well” with Firefox, which is the browser I use on my MacBook Pro. Switching to Safari gave me a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT web experience and the item is now on its way. This is a MAJOR US merchant so I’m a little puzzled as to why they are [apparently] not doing any QA testing on Firefox but whatever. All’s well that ends well.

None of us *need* any gifts to open around here on xmas morning but I like to have a few little packages for people to open just because. I try to make them small enough that they don’t clutter and overwhelm anyone’s carefully curated space and I am TOTALLY OKAY with re-gifting for absolutely any reason. We all have toooooo much stuff! If I give you a gift, I will never ask about it again.

But man oh man, do I HATE shopping! The mall is out unless there is something specifically requested that is available only there. Downtown A2? Uhhhhh… Yeah. Lotsa little chichi type shops with lotsa stuff that no one needs. And lots of people milling around. I couldn’t even bring myself to look around down there yesterday. Oh, don’t get me wrong, this is more about my mood yesterday than anything happening downtown. Really. And I am A-okay. It was a minor bit of sagginess. Life is like a river and some days are happier than others. Remember that!

So today, we took a slow cruise along our fave Huron River Drive to a couple of the little satellite cities a few miles to the west of us, Dexter and Chelsea. They have nice downtown shopping areas that are much smaller than our loverly planet has and I felt like those might be easier for me to navigate. It took me a looooooong time to find something that fit the bill in the first store we went to but, just as I was about to give up, I found… Well, I won’t tell you but it was just the right thing. And then I found another just-right thing. And then we moved cities and I found a few other little items.

We also ran into Alice, an old friend who I’m sure doesn’t have a clue that I write a Vanity Blog (or maybe anything much else about me). And that’s when we got into a convo about “purple” and she said Colorado was purple and I said, just like my house, and I don’t think either she or the GG understood what I had just said. I was quiet throughout most of the convo because I have *never* been able to keep up with Alice. [wink] I love her and she is very intelligent but, although she has always worked very hard in her life, in my humble opinion, she has also always tried too hard. I think she is a Successful Failure but doesn’t realize it and therefore lives through her childrens’ success. I am totally a Successful Failure. Like my dad was. He was happy and so am I.

And then we took our fave Jerusalem Road back over to the Planet Ann Arbor and had lunch at The Session Room. The soup of the day was a new one, salmon chowder. It was fantabulous.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Living through one’s children never seems to work. They go their own ways and sometimes they are not MY WAYS. 😉 I hate shopping and avoid it whenever possible. No gift giving around here, although there will be a little at my parents’ house.