When a maaaaaaan drives a vacuum

What was I doing? I was hanging out on the Green Couch doing the xword after a busy morning of shopping and wrapping (a few) more packages. Roooomba was running around in the chitchen and the GG was driving the Tornado Vacuum around back in the Man Cave and…

Clunkety-clunkety-clunkety-clunk KA-WHOMP! It sounded like someone was throwing furniture around. I went into the chitchen. Everything was all right. I headed back toward the Man Cave and… Hello? Where is the stepstool I had positioned at the top of the basement stairs to keep Roooooomba in the chitchen? It wasn’t in the Man Cave. I asked the GG. He said, “It’s in the chitchen.” Uhhhh, nooooo… Then I looked down the stairs.

The GG is trying to blame Rooooomba for this accident. I couldn’t really figure how Rooooomba could be at fault. Roooooomba doesn’t knock furniture around like a maaaaaaan-driven vacuum cleaner can do. You can put an empty plastic laundry basket across a doorway and Roooooomba might move it an eighth of an inch or something but she will also turn around and go the other direction.

So I was skeptical but I suppose if the stool was right at the edge of the step and maybe one of the legs was even a bit *over* the step, Rooooomba could’ve nudged it a wee bit over the edge, causing it (the stool) to tip over and then somersault down the stairs. Rooooomba itself does not go over edges. She stops and plays a Sad Song.

Okay, so now we know what it sounds like when somebody/something (heavier than an empty box) falls down the stairs!

BTW: Please excuse the empty box and other junk at the bottom of the stairs, along with the general ugliness. We randomly bumped into Certified Kitchen Lady at Knight’s the other night and I told her I wanted her to help me re-do The Landfill Dungeon. I was only half kidding. Actually, before we can do a reno down there, we have to do some more flinging. Or maybe the best plan is to schedule a reno and flinging will happen.

I am gonna sign off for now. We are actually “entertaining” tonight and my brain is not being all that successful with multi-tasking so who knows what kind of typographical errors I have made (and I’m having particular trouble with plurals today). We’ll talk about the Rednecks some other day.

One Response to “When a maaaaaaan drives a vacuum”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oops!! I still need to do some flinging; I have NO excuses left since I’m retired. (except that I don’t feel like it!)