xmas outtakes

First, I posted the loverly pic below on Instagram. It is of xmas lights on the back of the Red Puano. I did not look at anything on Instagram before I posted this. *After* I posted it, I scrolled down and wouldn’t you know, my BFF Sam (archaeologist, not dog) had posted a similar pic. Her pic does not involve a puano but it does not involve a Christmas tree either. They light up an old newsbox. (We also have a tree. They do not.) But it was funny because Lizard Breath had seen Archaeofacts’s post and thought for an instant that it was *mine*. And then I posted mine. If this doesn’t make sense, go read one of DJT’s tweets to get some perspective 🐽

I married a Redneck? Yes, I did. This was the fashion last night, lending a whole new meaning to the old lyrics, “Up against the wall, you Redneck Mother”. Wait a minute. Are those lyrics from a real song or am I just dreaming. Colorado comes to mind. Skiing? And bars? Hmmm… That was a looooooong time ago…

After dinner, we actually entertained for a bit. Not for tooooo long because I turn into a pumpkin at about I dunno, 8:30 or so. Here we are in front of a roaring YULETIDE faaaaar. I will have to get a better pic of the remaining Yule Log before somebody burns it. The other one got burned last night.

And now we are awaiting Lizard Breath’s arrival so we can make our way to the cFam xmas bash. In an effort to keep the GG from getting “antsy” 🐜🐜🐜 about leaving a weeeeee bit later than he really wanted to, LB is keeping him busy via a request for an Egg Sandwich To Go. He is ALWAYS good for an Egg Sandwich (to go or to eat in) for either of his baby girls (or anyone else).

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you are busy having fun! Lots of family adventures, of the fun variety. We have many of the same quirky dynamics. 🙂