xmas uuuuglies

We were texting this morning with Pengo Janetto and cBear, who are spending xmas at their home down there in Crazy Old [beloved] Fla. I was remembering the good old days, the early days of digital cameras. My brother the engineer (Pengo’s dad) usually managed to have, if not the latest and greatest, at least something better than me when it came to cameras. He was way more “into” photography (“What are you into?”) than I have ever been and I sometimes wonder what he would have thought about iPhoneography. I suspect he’d’ve probably rocked it while still keeping up with other fancy camera technology.

The last couple Christmases of his life, he instigated Ugly Photo exchanges between his family and ours. His dog Sam doing something weird or gross or whatever. His daughter Valdemort making a goofy face. You know how it goes. I responded with Liz making an ugly face and a photo I could only title “In my underwear” of the GG wearing his long underwear midway through the day, something I was not happy about. I could not find those old photos today but I found some Dog Pics from the next xmas. First up is Sam. He was a hilarious dog but is long dead and I miss him.

Then there is one of Ernie decimating a pig’s ear. Ernie is still alive (as far as I know) but I have not seen him in years because Stoopidest In-law Crapola on Earth. I miss him too. I doubt I’ll see him again except maybe someday at the rainbow bridge.

Heeeeeere’s Ernie again. Yes, this is a pretty scary photo.

Holidays don’t seem to be holidays around here lately without a dose of this kind of thing:

This screen huuuuuuung around for a couple hours until I finally bit the bullet and did a hard re-a-start. Miraculously, everything came back all right. Apple, please please pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top, make your upgrades more user friendly.

Below is my first and best photo of the day. xmas colors with a dose of white xmas behind.

And I won’t post any pics of people in their brand new red union suits (with the flap in the back and everything) or the GG zonked out on the couch next to his brand new Lyme Lounge vacuum cleaner and other xmas gifts, etc.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Merry Christmas! I love my family, but it’s a shame when some members ruin it. I have some stupidest in-laws myself–a whole bunch of them in fact.