Put the hatchet down, it’s just a football game

And so he did put the hatchet down but he must’ve been itching to get at the xmas tree because when I got home from Cubelandia today, I could hear the distinct whine of a chainsaw somewhere in the neighborhood. And sure enough, the tree was gone and the GG was out in the back yard sawing it up. I love xmas trees but good riddance.

We ALWAYS get a real tree. That’s just what we do. We have purchased them from different places over the years. Once we even got one from Whole Foods. Wonder what we paid for that one? I don’t remember (and I don’t really care, although I am not the spendthrift y’all might think I am). This year he bought it from, well, I won’t say who, because a little snort of Yager was involved.

Today? Gone gone gone. If y’all think we are horking up the envaaaaaronment by disposing of a xmas tree somewhere, you have to know that we will burn it. Because it is already chopped up, we may be burning it in our faaaarplace during this polar vortex type winter. Apparently we do NOT have a whole lot of faaaaarwood to burn. Whaaaa? If not, we will burn it a few many months from now, after the 2018 Ice Age has finally left the Landfill Backyard, in our *legal* backyard burner. Are we horking up the envaaaaaronment by burning the tree? I dunno. We are humans and we need light and heat and we use the faaarplace and backyard burner on an occasional basis. Our fuel-efficient furnace is what normally keeps us warm.

Froggy has exchanged his Santa Claus glasses for a Frozen head-dress. And one of the women I have worked with forever gave birth to her SECOND set of twins over the holidays. (She works remotely so I have only met her in person a couple times.) Her new twins are fraternal (girl and boy) and I *believe* the first set are also fraternal, although they are both girls. The GG (an identical twin) always says, “More is better!” Knowing the GG and his twin and his twin’s wife (The Beautiful Gay), I can only agree.

2 Responses to “Put the hatchet down, it’s just a football game”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I did an artificial one(my late MIL’s) for a few years and hated it. Real trees are easier, especially since I get a three footer. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Two sets of twins!!! I would definitely think that was enough. Was it you who told me about a couple who had two sets of twins, and then had quadruplets with the third pregnancy? Eight kids, 5 years and under!