You eat all the bacon and I’ll eat all the shrimp

Sing it to the tune of that old cowboy song, “I will do the dishes while you go have a beer.” [Youtube link, probably with an ad] I remember this song being on the CD player in the POC a lot, particularly once when I was driving the beach urchins up to the moominbeach for a few weeks. We had left the cFam cabin at Hoton Lake that morning and they were sleepily lounging in that big old beastie and I’m not sure that they realized that I liked “their” music as much as they did, although to this day, when I remember that song, I can’t help remembering some of the lyrics as “Where have all the cow pies gone”, rather than “cowboys”. A mondegreen except that I well knew the real lyrics. My eyes squeezed out a couple of involuntary tears upon hearing that song again tonight. My fave mondegreen ever is “Lincoln on his deathbed” but that is a whole ‘nother story and one that makes me laugh every time I think of it.

So, today… It is still frickin’ cold out and the GG now has the New Years cold. We had a very small brek today including about six ounces of bacon between us. There were two half-strips left last I looked and those were gone when I came back in to do the dishes (while he went and had a beer – not really). That was fine. We weren’t counting. But later on when our wee circle of shrimp was almost done, I managed to snag the last two shrimps. So I guess we are even, although we were not counting.

I tried halfheartedly to get the GG to go out in the county for a ride today. It is cold out. He had/has a sore throat. I didn’t really want to drive and I didn’t push it. What the heck. As it turned out, I got outside only far enough to reach around the corner of the front porch to throw stuff into the recycle. Nothing wrong with a slow start to the new year. We’ll pick up the pace after a bit. No resolutions here. One day at a time.

Purple lights last night? Yes, and red. These are LED bulbs and we can make them be any color we dern well want via an iPhone app. Right now they are a nice soft kind of incandescent light color.

Happy New Year, Love, KW

2 Responses to “You eat all the bacon and I’ll eat all the shrimp”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cold weather, and a cold should mean a slow and relaxed start to 2018. Best for both of you! I don’t do resolutions either. Ashley has introduced me to alt-J and I am now obsessed with Adeline. Who knew that I had an indie side?

  2. Sam Says:

    HNY backatcha, KW! Love the light-colors…love the decor!—S.