Hey, KW, get off yer MacDuff!

I am trying to take things a bit easy during cold2 (cold weather and cold virus) but it is hard for me to sit still so I finally got off my MacDuff and over to the Plum Market this morning. I took the Ninja. I usually walk over there but I was thinking I might buy more stuff than I could schlep home in a backpack today.

I did buy more than I could shlep home. Plus I lost track of my purse about the time I was heading to the checkout. It was in my cart and I found it after a bit of rummaging. I had received a text message when I entered the store and that discombobulated me to no end. And then, when I got out to my vee-hickle, a guy was backing a huge Ford Twuk into the parking space next to me. I looked askance at him for a moment before I realized that he was not gonna slam into my wee vee-hickle. He must have seen me give him the side-eye because after he got parked, he (cheerfully) said something like, “Not bad, eh?” I had to agree and gave him a thumbs up. Another woman mighta been angry but what the hell. He did not hit my car. Happy New Year.

I spent most of the afternoon reading Outlander, Sitting on the Green Couch Watching all the Dogs Go By.

The GG schlepped over to DayTwa today for brek and a Lions game with Lizard Breath. That was wonderful (and the Lions actually won for a change) but now he is home and after a nice beef stroganoff dinner, with a faaaar in the faaaarplace, we are kinda hanging out on New Year’s Eve. He kinda likes to go out for NYE but it just ain’t happening this year. Last year we had a rather more exciting NYE. We drove down from Hoton Lake, and our kids plus Pengo and cBear converged here. We walked down to the Griz for lunch, then back for dinner here with npJane. npJane dropped the younger generation downtown and the GG picked them up later.

Every year is different. This is a quiet year and that is okay. Well, except that there is a frickin’ Stink Bug on Gertrude… Love y’all and Happy New Year!

2 Responses to “Hey, KW, get off yer MacDuff!”

  1. Mouse Says:

    Losing your purse?! Alright, Fran…’least it wasn’t a graveyard??!?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Sounds a bit crazy! I went to a movie by my lonesome, and now am staying home with the cat. Will probably go to bed soon. 🙂