Honking up a murder of crows on Joy Road

This was just a bit down the road from Mother Teresa Drive, which, if you know the Planet Ann Arbor, is where the owner of Domino’s Pizza lives. When the beach urchins were small, his helicopters used to fly over our neighborhood frequently. I don’t know if he has helicopters any more but I haven’t seen one in a gazillion years.

Anyway, I did not walk down to the farmers market this morning. We didn’t really need anything. We have salad stuff and fish that Bob and Gay (um, what???) caught and a pheasant from the Plum Market. And I dunno what else but it is enough to sustain us through the new year. So we took a ride up and over to the east side of the Planet Ann Arbor area and managed to scare up these crows.

We drove downtown for lunch today (we usually walk). I am not feeling unwell at all but I do have a cold and it was cold and windy as all getout today. For a while I was thinking it would be fun to take the bus (I love the bus) but after we got done with our little snow-crow drive, the wind had kicked up and I didn’t really want to wait at bus stops, so I threw in the towel and suggested we simply drive one of our vee-hickles downtown. To my great relief, the GG readily agreed.

And then, MAGA MAGA MAGA. That means a different thing than Trump might think it means. And I can only guess that my [dead] parents are laughing from wherever they are.

One Response to “Honking up a murder of crows on Joy Road”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to know about this MAGA. 🙂 Glad you drove down in the cold weather! My mother would admonish you about your lungs, as she always does to me, even when it’s a mere 30 degrees.