I have to blahg so people will know I am okay!

And so I do. It used to be because The Commander (my mother) would wonder if I didn’t blahg.

Tonight, after dinner at the OT and porterization at The Landfill, I had not written a blahg entry yet. I spent the whole day “working” (or not much) from home and I hab a code id by doze. I am okay but feeling a bit slodgy in general, even though I walked downtown (2 miles) for dinner.

Anyway, I told the GG that I needed to post a blahg entry so my kids would know that I was okay. No sooner did I say that than… doodle-oop! went my iPhone in my pocket. And guess what it was? A text message from one of my children wondering why I hadn’t posted anything yet. She is waiting in her union suit for this loverly entry and so here it is!

So glad I have folks who keep track of my whereabouts and well-being. I am fine but don’t have a whole lot to say about today. That is a GOOD THING! I Love you ALL!

2 Responses to “I have to blahg so people will know I am okay!”

  1. Mouse Says:

    I am Child In Union Suit, and I approve this message.

  2. Margaret Says:

    HAHA about Mouse’s comment! My girls worry too if I don’t post on my blog/FB or text. They know I like to keep in touch with people, so if I withdraw, that’s never a good thing.