Slodge along…

I don’t even want to peek at my fitbit stats today. I dunno. I did not walk really at all today. Something about that igloo icon and -18 degree temperature reading when I first looked at my phone this morning was off-putting, even though it was actually more like -1 here at the Landfill. They measure the temperature over at the A2 airport – near my work – and it is almost always much colder there, although MMCB1 also had very cold temps at her house and it’s not that far away from mine although it is down in a “hollow”. Microclimates?

Then there was the “do I have a wee bit of dry (sore?) throat?” during the night. Lizard Breath had a cold over xmas and maybe I’m catching it. I am a 100% non-believer in the whole set of wives tales about going outside in the cold giving a person a cold. Colds are caused by VIRUSES (!) and if you are a healthy person and dressed properly and don’t go on some kind of Death March, I do not believe that cold weather causes colds, even if you have wet hair, like I do every single morning of my life. I DOOOOO believe that going outside in the cold once you have *caught* a cold can potentially make it worse. Today? I was just frickin’ lazy. Getting suited up to go out there was more than I wanted to deal with. I have been blowig by dose a lot today but I don’t feel sick at all. But who knows how this cold’s trajectory will go, if it is indeed a cold.

Oh man, I will be glad when people start trickling back into work next week. TODAY, the Benevolent Despot managed to remember his badge and keys so he didn’t have to call me from the parking lot to let him in. But then when he started up his [new] laptop, it crashed and would NOT come back up and he had to CALL support (I had to find the number) because no laptop and they couldn’t help (and Rocks and MrLuv couldn’t help either) so he has to send it out to The Mothership and so he took off to go visit his mother-in-law. But not without decreeing that I was to work from home tomorrow and TAKE OFF EARLY! Yes sir! Aye-aye sir! Thank you sir! (I was planning on doing that anyway and he knew it.)

It seems like we’ll be in a deep freeze for the duration. People kind of crack me up though, talking about temperatures. Somebody today was saying something about 20 below out in Iowa or wherever. It sounded like absolutely horrible weather but, when I was a kid in Sault Ste. Siberia, I remember walking to school when it was 32 below zero. Really! One time, I was wearing a “fashionable” (but not warm) faux-leopard-skin coat, some sort of goofy hat and NYLON STOCKINGS. Jeebus. Where were my tights and leggings and long wool skirt? Where was my balaclava? How did I not get frostbite?

2 Responses to “Slodge along…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley’s boyfriend is from Iowa, and he was not fazed at all by what we considered our FREEZING temperatures of 20s and 30s. 🙂 How many Fitbit steps do you usually get? Just curious.

  2. isa Says:

    uh oh hope you didn’t get my cold 🙁 not the worst i’ve ever had buut…